Once upon a time, there was an eclectic, designer, maker, writer and stylist, who lived in a little white cottage in Mildura, by the Murray River with her husband and little girl. She took pleasure from the simple things in life and searched for creative adventures wherever she went. She designed free spirited jewellery and made homewares for Wilde Asher, a family business run with her mum and sister & loved to write and style for a variety of publications including, Mildura Living Magazine and Mollie Makes. In quiet moments, you could find her nestled in the pages of her beloved journal, adding ink and images to pages and nourishing her soul. On the weekends she reveled in, tending her garden, making, baking and preserving and spending time with her family at their favourite park by the river.  

Hi there, my name is Sophie and I capture everyday moments from my world & share my passion for simple, conscious living here at Sophie Isobel Asher. I began this blog back in 2008 - originally titled, Her Library Adventures, as a way to share photos and stories with my family and friends when I moved interstate to begin working as an English teacher.
Fast forward seven years, over 2000 blog posts and many heartfelt words, images and life changing events and I've come a long way from that 20 something who had just moved to the country, sharing stories of her weekends adventures, thrift finds and handmade treasures.
 You'll still find me sharing stories of my weekends and my love of handmade, these days though, my husband, daughter and I, revel in more quiet, homespun lifestyle. We grow our own veggies, bake our own bread, make, mend, upcycle and are passionate advocates for conscious living. 
Blogging now has come an incredibly long way from those early days seven years ago and I am often asked and sometimes wonder myself, why I still write after all this time.
 I write because it's part of who I am. I'm a story teller, longing to dance with details, and weave together a tangle of words and vignettes, those everyday moments in life, that touch & nourish the soul. 
I write for my precious rainbow girl, so that one day she has a place to go, to reminder her of those quiet in between moments, those Sunday afternoons in the garden and picnics by the river.
 I write for my angel baby, I was blessed to be able to capture the 20 weeks of his life here on the blog. His memory and the gift he gave to me in his short weeks on Earth and now forever intertwined in my heartfelt words.
And I write to connect. To share my experiences, to find inspiration, to be part of a kinship, a tribe who celebrates the joy of a simple life. 
Much Love & Light

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