Friday, 18 March 2016

Farewell Summer..

On the eve of the Autumn Equinox, I’ve decided it’s time to farewell Summer.  And while Mother Earth is still sharing the last of her warm days, there has been a change in the air, a softness to the morning breeze that has stirred within me a gentle change of pace.

 This season has been one of learning, exploring and unravelling. We’ve found new rhythms in our days, enjoyed bountiful harvests and learnt how precious our weekends together really are.  We’ve ventured to hidden river banks and through the outback, played music together, begun our Steiner adventures, grown, gathered and foraged.

Many days were spent finding solace from the heat and sunsets embraced while drifting down the river and watering the veggie patch.

Summer you’ve taught me patience and resilience. I’ve been reminded to dive deep, to go within, to reconnect and to be so grateful for this journey, even on those days when it all feels overwhelming.

Own winter veggies are planted, I’ve sewn up the holes in my cardigan and washed our coats. We’re ready now, to collect maple leaves, bake pumpkin scones and enjoy the crisp Autumn days.  

Farewell Summer.. See you sometime in November.       
Much Love & Light


  1. Beautiful and soothing words. As summer draws to a close I feel myself resisting the change to cooler months and shorter days. Reading your post has softened me a little. I like the idea of looking forward to a gentler place. As always I have come away inspired by your writings.

  2. Beautiful photos as always - that pumpkin harvest is amazing. I love the way pumpkins can sit around for ages until you are ready to use them. I can't wait for the cooler weather to start up here - 32C today so certainly not Autumn yet


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