Sunday, 7 February 2016

Everyday Magic..

Sometimes even the process of rearranging shelves can be beautiful.. 
Our summer harvests have been prolific and divine..
Homemade hot cross bun with homemade butter.. A moment of radical homemaking bliss
A little solar dyeing magic..
Gathered on the line.. Wool & silk infused with our beautiful rosemary
Pumpkins basking in the afternoon sunshine.. 

Much Love & Light 


  1. So many crazy parallel life things going on here! I love it. (But not hot cross buns just yet here!)

    rachel xo

  2. Looks like a lovely little existence. :) xo

  3. I'm delighted to have found your lovely blog recently, though I'm sorry to say I've forgotten where I learned of you. I have your lemon zucchini bread in the oven now. Your words and images make me look forward to visiting here again.


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