Wednesday, 17 February 2016


The more I reconnect with Mother Earth, the more I remember.  It feels like a memory that's not quite my own, somehow I universal memory that's been taken away from us over time. And in those moments, I find purpose, stillness and understanding. I find the connectedness and 'interbeing' I've been searching for my whole life.


(I wrote these words last week on Instagram and they've stayed with me ever since. They seemed to really resonate with others too. I often catch these tiny thoughts in an Instagram post more quickly and easily than I can on the blog these days. I am reminded now, how much I'd like to share more on here about my journey to connectedness and 'interbeing'. Joanna Macy speaks beautifully about the topic in this gorgeous short film by Over Grow the System.)

Much Love & Light


  1. Hi Sophie

    Love you photos as always. Your naturally dyed wool looks beautiful - very much like indigenous art which makes sense as traditional artists use natural dyes as well. I think I need to ignore the housework and make something myself!

  2. Wonderful words, they really inspired me, these days I'm reading a book about synchronicty and it reminded me that. Will you write about journaling again? I love your journaling posts:)


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