Friday, 8 January 2016

My Word for 2016.. Cultivate

One word, one word is all it takes to refocus, to guide, to begin.  Finding that one word isn't always easy, after all, there are so many beautiful, inspiring words.  For 2016, I knew I wanted my word to be a word of action, a word I had to be present for and dance with throughout my year.  

During the last week of 2015, I set about my cleaning, detoxing my home and body, letting go, decluttering and refreshening for the new year.  I also made sure I took a little extra time each day to journal and meditate, to listen to my soul and contemplate my journey.  The word that kept appearing to me each time I thought about the new year was 'Create'.  Over the past three years I've chosen the words, Embrace, Nourish and Light and for 2016 I felt so much that what I wanted to do was create.  
I was pretty sure I was set on my word, it seem to fit in every area of my life, but for some reason, I just felt like it didn't have enough breadth.  You see in 2016 I wanted to do more than just create, as lovely as that idea was, I felt that there was more to my journey, but I wasn't sure what that meant for me or how to put it into a word.  

It was New Year's Day when I was gathering some bits and pieces for dinner from the garden that my word appeared in my head, like a flash of lightning, one of those moments of inspiration when you feel your body tingle and you know something has aligned.  I wanted to to more than create, I wanted to Cultivate. I giggled to myself as I took my bunch of parsely, a tiny zucchini and few spring onions into the kitchen, wondering what dictionary would define cultivate as. I was sure it wasn't going to be my whimsical, metaphoric definition. After a quick google seach and a little navigating past the traditional farming terms, I soon realised why this word felt so right.

Cultivate - To grow, encourage, create, enrich, inhabit, farm, raise, pursue and foster.

Along with so many words that bought a smile to my face and a song to my heart, there was my inital word 'create', amongst the synanom list.  This year I choose to cultivate my life and in doing so, I choose to cultivate happiness, gratitude, creativity, kindness, compassion, peace and love. I choose to grow my business, grow myself, grow my garden, raise my vibration, pursue my passion, foster and enrich our family life and create new plenty work, both written and artistic. I am ready to spread my wings and soar and stand behind everything I know to be real and true.

What's your word for 2016?
Much Love & Light

ps. You can read about my previous words here..


  1. Great word!
    I never thought to use a word to inspire the year ahead. But I think it would be difficult to choose just one. Especially since my 2016 didn't start off so well. Current me would like to choose energy or perseverance in hopes it motivates me to aspire for both. I'm just ready to feel more energetic.
    Here's to 2016!!!

  2. Oh what a beautiful post Sophie! So glad I popped over here :) Even a tiny thing like giggling to yourself with a bunch of homegrown parsley makes me smile! Just thought I'd let you know that I have just started the new hashtag #slowfloralstyle for 2016. I'd love to you join in if you ever feel like it! Have just posted about it on IG this afternoon so you can read more about it on there if you wish to do so. Wishing you a weekend of smiles and warm hearts xx

  3. Lovely words Sophie. My word is create. Creating a happy and healthy life. Creating in our kitchen, garden and home. Here's to a wonderful 2016. xo

  4. Cultivate is an amazing word for the year. I want that word to travel with me all the time. However my word for the year is self-compassion. I hold myself up to expectations that I would never assume of anyone else, but I'm starting to realise I deserve to give myself the time, patience and understanding that I give to everyone else.

  5. My word was inspired by wombats! Slow! I hope to slow down a lot more, as in resisting my tendency to multi-task and to let my thoughts jump way ahead of what I'm actually doing. I like you word cultivate very much. Inspired choice!

  6. I love this idea - and what a great word for 2016. Happy New Year, Sophie x

  7. Oh, I had so many words going though my head. "Create" and "slow" were the two I considered most. In the end, I chose "kindness". Kindness toward myself and others. Excited to see what your word will bring for 2016! xo

  8. Hi Isobel, I've been reading you for 2 years without writing a comment. This morning, I was in bad mood, wondering about the sens of life and so on and you enlighted my day with your word and with your projects. I thought it was exactly what I wanted, exactly what I was. Thank you very much.
    English a little bit poor because I'm french (and as we say french not very good in foreign langage)
    valérie from Juvisy sur Orge (France)

  9. Beautiful post, and beautiful word - cultivate has so many layers xx


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