Friday, 31 July 2015

Taking Stock - JULY..

Making : A new collection of baskets for Wilde Asher and embossed tags for my sister's wedding invitations 
Cooking : Anything with lemon in it.. It's citrus season and I can't get enough!  
Drinking : Hot water and lemon and home grown orange juice
Reading: The Cottage Under the Big Pines by Susan Southam. Such a beautiful and inspiring read.
Wanting: To sort out the pantry on the weekend and make lovely clay labels for all the jars
Looking: Forward to my mum's visit next month. 
Playing: Mud pie making and finger painting.  The winter days have been just perfect for plenty of time outside
Deciding: On plans for an exciting new project.  Can't wait to share more soon.
Wishing: I had a telescope so I could take a good photo of the beautiful moon tonight.
Enjoying: Serendipitously finding all my favourite people in the same spot. 
Waiting: For Ben to get home after two nights away. Hooray for Fridays!
Liking: That there was not a single person in line at the post office today.. Perfect timing!
Loving: Crafternoons with my girl
Pondering: Today's magical 'blue moon'. Pretty special to have two full moons in one month. 
Considering: Getting some lovely chickens to add to our family very soon
Buying: My dream pair of boots. I've been dreaming a great pair of beautiful wear with everything for many seasons to come, ethical boots and I've finally found them!
Watching: This gorgeous film.  Oh Michelle and Luisa, such beautiful and clever ladies!
Hoping: It won't rain too much to picnic and play in the garden this weekend

Marvelling: At the beautiful flowers in my home. Feeling very blessed to be surrounded by such beauty
Needing: To crochet myself a pair of slippers
Smelling: The amazing Meyer lemons on the dining table and deciding we need to plant a tree ASAP
Wearing: My new hat (a lovely birthday gift), and feeling like I need my very own sailing boat (like this one) to match
Noticing: Spring slowly beginning to bloom
Knowing: That good things come to those who never give up hope 
Thinking: About taking a week long holiday away from social media, maybe even screens all together. I think I might just jump in and take the plunge next week. 
Sorting: Bridal shower details.. I'm thinking yoga, flower crown making, massages and dancing!
Getting: Excited for my sister's wedding! This maid of honour business is such fun!
Bookmarking: Sash's amazing post about being enough.. So beautiful
Coveting: This kitchen and everything in it..
Opening: Beautiful mail from the gorgeous Evie Barrow.  Beyond exciting to have two pieces of her amazing art in our home. 
Giggling: At Miss T's dance moves.  She's such a little groover.  Thinking a weekly dance and music playgroup session might be in order.  
Feeling: Full of gratitude, it's a truly amazing time right now. 
Helping: My dear friend Fleur with her beautiful #littlesqauresofstrength project. 
Hearing: Double J.. Always great company! 

Wishing you a most gorgeous weekend..
Enjoy the full moon tonight!
Much Love & Light

PS. Thanks to the lovely Pip for the fabulous Taking Stock list.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Capturing the Weekend - 30/52..

A portrait capturing our weekend, each week, in 2015."

Sunday - About midday: A cardboard box, a blobs of paint and a very content artist. 

Much Love & Light

Saturday, 25 July 2015

From My Journal..

A series of raw musings, straight from the pages of my journal. Thoughts, about life, change, dreams, the future and finding home.

There's a time in life for everything.. To connect, to retreat, to build, to nest, to grow, to harvest.  

Lately I've noticed the season of my own life beginning to change.  It only recently occurred to me, that for the last three years, I've retreated from the real world in many ways.  At first I think I had to, it was my way of dealing with our loss and my own grief.  I didn't want to talk to anyone really, so I created a nest, built high walls and rediscovered myself and my place in the world.  As time has passed, slowly I've begun to peep my head out of nest every so often, but have feared taking that leap back out into the big wide world.  Connecting with people, meant answering questions and opening my heart and until recently, I just haven't been ready for that.  But now, on the eve of what be three years since we lost our Little Wing, I feel like I'm finally taking that step into the great and beautiful unknown.  Now that I've reconnected with myself and with Mother Earth, I'm longing to reconnect with my tribe, to learn new skills, meet new people and play a part in my community.  

   And my still heart races at the thought and my head plays tricks on me, but I know deep down, it's time. It's time to bring together those serendipitous moments, those dreams and ideas. It's time to be brave and bold and open.  These three years have taught me so much, and one of my greatest lessons has been, to grow where you are planted. No matter the circumstances or the season of your life, there are always amazing experiences to be shared and people to share them with, if you're brave enough to connect.

Much Love and Light

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

These Days - Mid Winter..

These days, birthday flowers and beautiful reads brighten the dining table and fill the winter days with joy and inspiration.  

These days, are for picnics by the river and wildflower crown making..

These days, are winter garden is slowly coming to life, with beautiful sacred geometry. 

These days, we spend our weekends exploring and stopping by farm gate stalls for lovely local produce. It really is the most wonderful way to shop. 

These days, under the orange tree is the best place to place to play. 

 These days, I find quiet moments to revel in beautiful words and images and potter in the garden.  I remind myself to find beauty in the everyday, chat to stall holders at the farmers markets and find the perfect home for a trio teeny, tiny pumpkins. 
 These days, winter harvests are such a delight and plans are being made for our summer garden. The promise of Spring dances upon the midday breeze and my heart sings at the prospect of longer days and exciting plans unfurling.

Much Love & Light

Monday, 20 July 2015

Capturing the Weekend - 29/52..

 A portrait capturing our weekend, each week, in 2015."

Sunday - 11:30am: All ready for weeding and planting..

Much Love & Light

Friday, 17 July 2015

A Time for Making..

In the depths of Winter, when the days are short, the clouds are grey and the rain sets in, I am finding myself creating more than ever.  Winter, for me it seems, is a time for making.  And this year, I'm reveling in finding new ways to look at old mediums, adapting styles, incorporate new materials and embracing the creative process, rather than simply working for an outcome. Last Winter, I embraced my love of textiles and crochet, to create a series of wall hanging mandalas and this year I'm working towards expanding the range, building my skills, using only eco-friendly, ethical and biodegradable materials and take inspirations from childhood memories, counter culture and ancient tradition. 

Over the years as I've explored different mediums, I've never felt like I've had much control over my work, more that my limitations and skills have controlled me. I've always longed to find an artistic path that would allow me to express the theoretical and cultural concepts that float around in my head.  And I realised late the other night as I was laying in bed dreaming up a new idea for a wall hanging, that at last I feel like I've finally found something that allows me to really explore, play and connect with a process I love, a process that at times feels quite ancient and very special.  I think about the women who have sat together around fires and in sitting rooms for hundreds of thousands of years before me, making baskets for gathering, pouches for keeping plants and remedies, blankets & mats for warmth and shelter, and with each stitch I feel like I'm weaving a little of my own story into this sacred tradition. There is such beauty in simplicity and utility, in the stripping back of the unnecessary and concentrating on form and function and the way each piece connects to its environment and its user.  I'm also learning to let go of having an fully formed idea and instead letting the thread and the voices of the past guide my way. 

My basket of tangled threads, baskets, pouches and hangings in the making, are becoming more than just a series of projects for me, they are helping me to rediscover a part of who I am. 

Much Love & Light 

PS. You can find the peace sign wall hanging and wildflower bunting over in the Wild Asher store.  I'm currently working on a range of ready to ship sacred treasure pouches and baskets and am also looking forward to also taking custom orders very soon. 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Capturing the Weekend - 28/52..

 A portrait capturing our weekend, each week, in 2015."

Monday - 11:00am: She's just discovered the beauty of flowers.  These ones are headed for her mud pie creations. 

Much Love & Light

Friday, 10 July 2015

Flour, Fire & Friends..

Last weekend we took our first family road trip, three and half hours North, into the heart of the outback for Jane, The Shady Baker's third annual Flour and Fire Day.  After seeing photos on Jane's blog of her previous events, I was so delighted to join the winter festivities this year.  What could be better than a day of baking, making and enjoying the company of wonderful new friends.  The whole day was just picturesque, a true dream to revel in and to capture. 

We were greeted by Jane and her family and invited into her gorgeous property with open arms, welcomed by Zara's sweet handmade pennant and a bounty of delights on the swap table.  

With baking equipment ready to go, homemade sweet treats and coffee was enjoyed as we met and chatted with new and old friends before getting down to the business of baking.  It was such a joy to finally meet Jane and Zara after getting to know them for many years through their blogs and was so lovely to make some wonderful new friends, Kate, Summa & Sarah and hang out with my dear friend Shell too. 

With the fires burning and the sourdough starter bubbling, it was time to get baking.  For the last few years as I've been fumbling my way through a bit of bread making, I've never quite been able to make a successful sourdough, so Jane's wonderful guidance and gentle reassurance was just what I needed get back into the baking groove.  As sourdough in the winter takes the whole day to prove, Jane was lovely enough to make some before hand, so we could see, taste and capture the finish product.  While the bread baked, Summa from The Caff made some beautiful pasta to enjoy for lunch.   

After a wonderful homegrown and homemade lunch, the afternoon was spent chatting, exploring the property and beeswax candle making with Zara. Oh I can't wait to make some more candles, the scent of the beeswax is just so beautiful and the whole process is wonderfully relaxing. 

And as the sun began to set, we said our goodbyes, loaded our cars with beautiful produce and farewelled Jane's outback oasis. 

With floury hands and a happy heart, I drove away with a new found sense of community, friendship and a real appreciation for the unique beauty of the area we are so blessed to live in.  Visiting Jane's property felt like coming home and the experience solidified in me, our dream to find our own little piece of land, to create into our very own oasis.

 And it's so true.. Happiness is homemade.  

Much Love & Light

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Capturing the Weekend - 27/52..

A portrait capturing our weekend, each week, in 2015."

Sunday - 11:00am: Off and away to chat to the chickens.. She spent most of the day playing & exploring Jane's gorgeous property. (More from our wonderful weekend adventures during the week)

Much Love & Light

Friday, 3 July 2015

Conscious Living - A Love List..

 "Ultimately, we just need to get out and do it. We’ve got to go out and find our tribes or we’ve got to create them." 

List #008..
A collection of blog posts, articles, short films & links to inspire and invigorate a more conscious way of life. 

We find ourselves right in the middle of year.  For some of us it's cold and momentum is waning a little, all that enthusiasm from the beginning of the year, starts to become, a just put one foot in front of the other kind of situation.  I even noticed this as I searched for articles and films to share. It seems a time for hibernation right around the Internet.  And you know what, it's a truly beautiful thing. I hope people are curled up with good books or outside enjoying their gardens and the sunshine.  For every website I check that hasn't been undated in a while, I hope their is a wild and free writer, splashing in the ocean or watching the sunset. And the articles and films I have discovered recently are all moving in the same direction, towards real action.  It's inspiring, it's invigorating and it's much needed.  I hope you might find an article, post or recipe to inspire you too. 

The challenge is on at the moment to have a Plastic Free July.  It's such a brilliant campaign and one that our home is certainly embracing as much as we can.  While we are not totally plastic free, we always try our best to use as little plastic as we can.  Here's an inspiring interview with Erin Rhoads who has been plastic free for two years and a great post from the lovely Tanya at Ecolosophy about her journey to plastic free living. I feel like this is the kind of challenge that needs to go far beyond just one month and become an every day way of life. Do you have a plastic free home? Are you working towards one? I'd love to hear your journey to plastic free too. 

And if those two wonderful ladies didn't inspire you enough, no doubt this fabulous short film from Bea at Zero Waste Home will help you change the way you see the 'stuff' in your life.  So much food for thought. 

Some days it's difficult for me to vision a zero waste home, but I've found starting with the kitchen really helpful.  This blog post was a great read, about going a month without buying groceries. It's something I definitely would love to do before the end of the year.  

For some insightful and soul nourishing well-being reading this month, it's hard to go past The Cosmic Collective, a beautiful seasonal guide book to empowered high vibrational living. 

Rethinking our place in the world... A though provoking and complex issue that's captured beautifully in this article

Last week, I wrote about how I needed to simplify all the 'noise, thoughts and ideas' in my head.  Interestingly this Becoming Minimalist article about decluttering the mind found me at just the perfect time.  

How fabulous is this mending library? It makes me so happy to think that people are giving their clothes a second chance and it's something I'd love to see take off all over the world. 

Tribe, community, resilience, local.. These are all things that I've been thinking about lately.  "Ultimately, we just need to get out and do it. We’ve got to go out and find our tribes or we’ve got to create them." I just love this wonderful powerful quote from this great article, Making Connections: Healing the Earth through Community. The vintage pictures amazing too.  

I couldn't pick just one tiny home to share this week, so if you love the tiny home movement like I do, you can find my favourites over on my Pinterest board. I'm also searching for the best Tiny Homes documentary to watch. Have you checked any out? What did you love?

And this wouldn't be a love list without a few lovely recipes, so here are a couple on my to make list, a batch or two of raisin and oatmeal cookies from Milkwood, some winter fire tonic from Planthunter, and Love in a Jar, The Lunch Lady's wonderful Lemon Curd

And I want to finish up this love list with Tricia's wonderful post, Do what's important (not urgent). It's all kinds of brilliant and a must read. 

What's been inspiring you lately?

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!
 We are off on an adventure to meet the gorgeous Jane, The Shady Baker for her annual Flour and Fire Day and I can't wait. 

Much Love & Light

ps. You can find my previous Love Lists here.