Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Our Summer Days..

Summer has begun.. Long days perfect for playing, gardening and exploring.  And when the days get too hot, we retreat inside, to make, paint, stretch and relax.  So often the time of year can be overwhelmed with unneccessary busyness, so I've been really mindful to keep our days free and gentle, especially when the weather is over 40 degrees.  And in those gentle moments, this is what we've been up to.. 

Last week I woke up with the sudden urge to make peace signs.  I just felt like I needed to stitch more peace, hope and love into the world.  I began with one decoration and a week later, I'd made a rainbow.  At first I was make a few to decorate our home, but then I thought like minded souls might like them too, so I've added them to our Wilde Asher store and will be donating $5 from each sale to the UNICEF Refugee Appeal.  Pop over and check them out if they call to your heart. We have a special discount today too! Use the code - XMASLOVE and receive 25% off storewide (until midnight Thursday 10th Dec). 

These warm days are just perfect for eco printing.. I've been a doing some experimenting with natural dyeing over the past few months and these prints always make my heart so happy.  Each one sings it's own story.  The leaves slowly gathered on our afternoon walks and bundled into beautiful silk.  I'm not quite sure what this will be, a scarf perhaps.  Right now I'm just enjoying watching it flutter on afternoon breeze. 

I always love the way the morning sunshine streams into our bedroom.  I've been really mindful lately to create a calming Summer space, inspired by ocean hues and beautiful soft linens.  Looking back I realised I often cluttered our bedroom and I feel so much lighter keeping it all really simple. 

Outside our summer garden is finally coming along after a rough beginning with an over enthusiastic snail population.  We've changed the way we garden this season, using raised beds and copper tape to keep the snails at bay.  Now I'm waiting rather impatiently for our first zucchinis of the season. In the meantime there's always herbs and spinach to gather and these gorgeous pom pom Melaleuca flowers to brighten the garden.  

We've kept our Christmas traditions and making very simple this year too. Rather than gifting presents, our families have decided to exchange handmade cards and save our money for more regular visits up to Queensland.  A little watercolour paint and a good sprinkle of stars and glitter and our rainbow Christmas fairy inspired cards are ready to send. We've also chosen to buy no new decorations and instead I've decorated beautiful natural elements. I'm looking forward to sharing more about our mindful, zero waste Christmas soon.

 This bright little spark loves nothing more than helping with whatever I'm creating, finding muddy puddles to jump in and making up enchanting stories and games.  Doesn't the washing basket make a perfect car/train.  I love watching her imagination blossom and feel so blessed to be able to spend each day nurturing her creative spirit. 

As the year comes to an end, I'm really feeling drawn back to my space here.  It's a beautiful time to reflect on each month and think about the year ahead.  The ebb and flow of the seasons is something I'm embracing more and more each day, as I connect with my creative urges to sometimes make, sometimes write, sometimes capture and sometimes just sit and enjoy the beauty of these precious days.

Much Love and Light


  1. Such lovely, calm words Sophie. Christmas can get so crazy and it is so important to keep the whole thing in perspective. Your handmade cards are gorgeous and those peace signs are beautiful works of art! Stay cool xx

  2. I love this post Sophie. Everything you've created is beautiful. I too am slowing our days down as much as possible. At this time of the year our little, peaceful country town becomes very busy. I retreat to our home and nature. I need slow and quiet. Happy days dear friend. xo

  3. Beautiful post. I hope that the snails leave your zuchinni alone. Our family has attempted to have a break in the week before Christmas as an escape from the frantic pace that seems to infect all in the days prior to Santa's visit.
    I aim hoping to continue this mindfulness as my little girl enjoys the festive season.
    Your words and photos always remind me to slow and for that I am grateful of this space


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