Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Our Conscious Christmas - 2015..

Our conscious Christmas this year was as slow and simple as possible.  Nothing new was purchased excecpt a lovely little potted Cyprus pine to play the roll of our Christmas tree for many years to come and a few ethical and eco-friendly gifts for our girl.  Our aim was to create a calm and gentle December, one that did not involve shopping centres, buying and consuming.  Instead we wanted to make and do, take a lingering approach to the season and revel in our precious time together. 

I decorated using branches, bark and leaves gathered on our afternoon walks and added some dried blushing bride blossoms, tied with hemp twine.  I made Tallow's stocking last year by using the Japanese leaf printing technique Hapa Zome with some violas from the garden on calico and handstitched her name. 

Our few gifts were wrapped with recycled brown paper, vintage fabric scraps and calico bags, which were kept to be used again throughout the year.  

Our homespun Christmas table was adorned with homemade crackers, a vase of billy buttons, elements of nature and my grandmother's tablecloth.  Our much loved reindeer was a lovely purchase from the local craft market last year.  

Throughout the month we created our own special tradtions, found the spirit of the season in sunset swims in the river, making cards and gifts, spending time in the garden, reading stories and talking to the elves and fairies, using the special fairy door on the mantlepiece.   On Christmas Eve, I sat back, marvelled at this little scene and felt so grateful that I was able to create a little bit of magic for our sweet girl to wake up to. 

This season means something different and special for everyone.  For us, it is the opportunity to spend time as a family, to slow down and send our love, peace and gratitude into the world.  We choose an eco-friendly, no waste path, while keeping some of the traditions we both loved as children.  We create new traditions each year and focus on giving and sharing. We remember our Littlewing,  who is forever in our hearts and embrace each other that little bit tighter, know how truly blessed we are.

Much Love & Light


  1. Gorgeous Sophie...I admire your approach to Christmas. I wonder how your extended family approaches Christmas? As hard as I try to keep things low key our children's grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins find it hard to not go 'over board'! This frustrates me and then I feel guilty for being ungrateful. Sigh. I adore your Christmas table, just stunning and so beautifully put together x

  2. What a magical scene! Christmas memories are so precious and your little one will have such special ones to remember.


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