Friday, 11 December 2015

Made with Love..

This year, one of my main goals was to buy less and live more.  So when I have wanted to add something new to my life, I've tried to be very mindful in decicing what to buy, why I'm buying and who made the item. I first began this conscious journey with my wardrobe three years ago and now it has become a part of my everyday life, no matter what I'm choosing.  Overall this year I've kept my new items few and wherever possible, I've chosen to support local, Australian makers, who work tirelessly every day on their small businesses to bring their ideas to life.  I look around my home now and it brings me so much joy to see things made by such incredible creatives.  Each piece has a story to tell and all are made with love.  

I've been a long time 'online' friend of Christina of Christina Lowry Designs and have always loved and admired her beautiful jewellery and the joy and passion that resonates in everything she creates.  I was very blessed to have Christina make me a beautiful signet ring this year and I also purchased a pair of gorgeous wear everywhere studs.  I love the way Christina shares her everyday life and her business so lovingly & openly and it warms my heart to know that I wear a little of her radiant joy each day.  

Bee Eco Wraps are by far my favourite zero waste find of the year.  The Devine family live off grid on the Sunshine Coast and put all their love into making the most incredible eco wraps.  I've been working on eliminating as much plastic as possible from my kitchen and honestly now that I've used these wraps, I don't know how I lived without them. They smell amazing and are so handy! So far I have two in my collection and I can't wait to get a few more.  And they make the fridge look pretty too!

Millie is one of those artisans who just inspires me every day. Her incredible cheeseboards are true works of art and I feel so lucky have one sitting on the mantlepiece.  And while this wasn't an 'essential' purchase, I love having things around me that are both beautiful and functional.  That wonderful phrase 'beauty in utility' springs to mind when I think about Millie's work.  Over 2015 I've really cut down the 'stuff' I keep around our home, instead opting to decorate mainly with natural and found elements and I love the way Millie's board feels so at home amongst the gum leaves and feathers and functions as both a piece of art, prop or serving platter. 

When I first began to simplify my life three years ago, I wrote in my journal that I wanted just one perfect cup to drink my favourite tea from.  It almost seems a bit too obvious now, but at the time I was surrounded by thrifted crockery and felt totally overwhelmed by my stuff.  Ever since I wrote those words I've been on the lookout for 'my perfect cup', something truly unique and handmade with love.  And I finally found it thanks to Instagram, created by the very talented Katia Carletti.  Just the right size for a cup of Earl Grey, with the most beautiful shape and feel, my perfect cup and all of Katia's work exemplifies everything I adore about handmade. And the best bit, Katia only lives four hours away, so my cup didn't have to travel too far to find me.  

When you shop small you celebrate the creativity of a passionate artisan who is following their dreams.  And while you support and help to nurture their pursuits, in exchange you receive a little piece of that creativity, both physically and emotionally and for me, that's the most special part of this beautiful exchange.

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ps. Christina has generously offered 15% off her gorgeous jewellery range if you use the code SWEETSOPHIE.

Much Love & Light

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  1. Hi Sophie I have loved reading about your journey of less stuff and more meaningful things. I saw this app yesterday and this little memory keeping project might interest you for 2016. I have nothing to do with the app just came across it and am going to do this myself in 2016. I would have loved this when my kids were tiny....


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