Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 - The Year that Was..

2015 has been a year for putting words into action, living life in the slow lane and embracing every ascpect of simple, conscious living.  This year I've found within me a passionate creative spark and a urge to be the change, a longing to connect, invigorate and find my tribe. I've found a resiliance in myself, while being away from family and having Ben working long hours and I'm finally beginning to listen to my body and my soul and truly connect with life's ebbs and flows. This year I've refined my life, my belongings and my ideas. I've begun digging a little deeper, evolving and coming to understand my place in the great turning. I'm so grateful for this beautiful year of celebrations and gatherings, of growth, realisations, unfurling dreams and creating the path to our future apsirations of financial freedom, off grid living and community suffiency. 

      Our 2015 Adventures..

January -  Summer family time by the river and in the garden, first swimming lessons and a new tradition of relish making. 

 February - A visit from Nannie Annie, late Summer harvests, new designs and ideas and breathtaking sunsets. 

March - Autumn's arrival, believing in myself and a new blog name, Winter planting, the beginning of my love for basket making and reveling in the season.

April -  Easter celebrations, pumpkin scones, some words and pictures in Hundreds & Thousands zine, rose garden wandering and finding joy in simple pleasures.  

May - A family trip to the Gold Coast to celebrate my Nan's 90th birthday, the launch of our new Wilde Asher store, double rainbows on Mother's Day, gratitude and bush adventures. 

 June - Solstice celebrations, soul gardening, writing & styling, picnics by the river, new recipes and blissful winter moments. 

July - Adentures to Broken Hill for our first Flour and Fire Day, birthday celebrations, festival inspired creations, soul journaling and special gifts. 

 August - Another special visit from Nannie Annie, bountiful winter harvests, adventures to the Sand Hills, amazing oranges and blossoms, lily pilly jam and the beginnings of my natural dyeing studies. 

September - So many gorgeous celebrations, Tallow's second birthday, our nineth wedding anniversary, Ben's birthday and Father's day, a garden fairy birthday cake (perhaps my favourite cake ever), Journal Your Heart Out month, embracing Spring Exquinox and leaf printing. 

October - A family holiday to Byron Bay for my sister's amazing wedding, jacaranda season, exciting realisations, happy days of natural dyeing and basket making. 

 November - Peaceful days, afternoon walks and our first river swims for the season, the return of amazing sunsets, making rainbows of colour, summer planting and special new fibre art works. 

December - A lovely family getaway by the river, festive making and happy peace signs, a homespun Christmas, decluttering and reveling in the beauty of home. 

Now as I look forward to 2016, I'm truly ready to soar.  I'm ready to spread my wings, to learn new things, take a leap of faith and let my voice be heard.  I feel like 2015 was really preparing me for what is to come, as I expand by horizons and send my ideas out into the world.  I'm so excited, we've got some big adventures planned! I'm looking forward to sharing my goals for 2016 in the coming days.  

For now, I wish you a most divine evening, an opportunity to reflect, celebrate and create an amazing vision for the year ahead.  May your dreams sparkle like the star constellations of the evening sky and light the way to a magic 2016.   

Much Love & Light 


  1. I love your collages for 2015. All shared with that special little girl, who is so very special after all your heart ache. So wish you and your family the very best.

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful message x

  2. Love the collection of your memories in 2015.

  3. What a wonderful 2015. May 2016 be full of peace and growth for you. Your goals are rather inspirational. x

  4. What a beautiful post Sophie. Your words and photos always inspire me. I'm looking forward to seeing what you get up to in 2016. Wishing you a happy and healthy year. Much love xo

  5. Here's to a beautiful 2016. After looking at all those stunning pictures and reading your words there isn't much more I can say than.......what a beautiful life you have created for yourself with the excitement of it's evolution to come.

  6. What beautiful images of your year Sophie! All the best for what is to come in 2016 let those wings soar! x


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