Thursday, 26 November 2015

Everyday Nourishing Moments..

A botanically dyed rainbow - My collection of dyed silk is growing a little more every week.. 
Always grateful for every opporunity to write, connect and rediscover.. 
Adventures to the local Billabong feel a million miles from home..
A messy basket is always a sign that new ideas are brewing.. 
Magic sunsets nourish the soul..

Much Love & Light


  1. Gorgeous Sophie as always. Incredible colours! Years ago before Terry and I were married we lived in Mildura (as I may have said before) and we both had fairly mundane jobs. We knew we were destined to be back in the bush but at the time these jobs paid the bills and gave us both somewhere to start. Anyway...Kings Billabong was like an escape for us! I have wonderful memories of Sunday drives in that part of the world, while we dreamed of our future and perhaps had a few cold beers along the way x

  2. I love the glimpse into your notebook. Wonderfully inspiring.

  3. Your collection of dyed silk is simply gorgeous Sophie. It must be so exciting seeing the different shades and colours created by the botanical materials you are using.

    Jodie xx

  4. I can't get over the colours in that sunset! Beautiful! x


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