Thursday, 12 November 2015

Being in the Right Now..

This time of the year fascinates me.. As we begin preparing for Christmas, writing lists, making plans, looking ahead, deciding what needs to be finished up by December and what can wait until the new year, November really gets the raw end of the deal.  Here in my little corner of Australia, Spring has well and truly finished, but Summer has yet to offically start, so even seasons forget about November.  Our garden, isn't impressed this month either. The little zucchinis and corn took a beating from our wildy enthusiastic and at times unruly snail population, so we've had to begin again in new raised beds.  And while our potted tomatoes and new strawberry patch are coming along, I can't help but feel like we're behind in our summer crop and I keep longing for it to all just grow already. 

All this planning, making, looking ahead, longing, wishing, waiting for the weekend.. I know it does me no good at all.  I know while I'm designing necklaces for the holiday season, finishing deadlines for a summer magazine, planning Christmas decorations and homemade cards, I'm missing all of the right now moments.

Right now the jacarandas and silky oak are in bloom.  Right now Tallow wants to walk by herself with us around the block every afternoon to search for treasures. Right now the river is warm and perfect for early evening swims.  And right now, on this New Moon, is the perfect oppotunity to let go of the old, embrace the new and set intentions for today and tomorrow.  So that's what I'm going to do.

My New Moon Intentions..

To be in the right now
To be more mindful
To put my phone down and stop aimless scrolling
 To believe in myself
To drink more water
To not follow the crowd
To let my heart emerge

Happy New Moon beautiful souls!
Much Love & Light


  1. This sentiment is so perfect. I have been feeling a little harried and restless. Your words are just what I needed to hear this November. We are off camping this weekend and instead worrying about what needs doing for Christmas when we get back I am going to try and stay present. Thank you for the reminder

  2. I love November, it's always my favourite month. Even though I love every season, there's just something about November. The trees are green, the days are warm but not too hot, the summer dryness has yet to hit (although it's pretty dry already this year..), and there's always a few grey rainy and still warm days. It's that feeling of being almost-but-not-quite summer, and everything is lush and green. It's the calm before the summer explosion. I love it. Lovely read! x

  3. The jacarandas are stunning at the moment aren't they. We've had some stormy, rainy weather and the contrasts between the purples and dark skies are just gorgeous.
    Have a good week Sophie.

  4. I love your description of the enthusiastic and unruly snails! I've got an image in my head of them that's definitely making me giggle! x


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