Thursday, 29 October 2015

Lingering in the Garden..

 As these Spring afternoons start to linger on just that little more and the heat of the day is still warm in the earth, we find ourselves in the garden, almost always.  We potter and notice, splash in puddles and bury our hands in the dirt.  We watch the clouds and the birds and the lady bugs and count the number of tiny tomatoes and blueberries.  The washing is hung to out to dry, the baskets are filled with broad beans & spinach and bunches of herbs are gathered for dinner.  

As we nourish our garden, it nourishes us in return, not only with good things to eat, but with rhythms and gentle moments in our days.  Once I thought our home was the four walls around us, but now I see our home as so much more.  Every seed we sow, seedling we raise and vegetable we harvest, is helping us to create our home.  And while I know that these four walls and this patch of earth won't be ours forever, I know that while we are here, I want to explore each corner of this little suburnban block, grow and nurture, learn and provide and embrace the simple pleasures that come from a homegrown life.

Much Love & Light 


  1. Such lovely photo's! It is autumn in the UK at the moment and as much as I love it, it is lovely to see your photo's of spring. xx

  2. Our gardens are so important to our soul. I feel like I haven't got time to be out in mine at the moment, but I'm doing it anyway. I need to. Beautiful words Sophie. Happy gardening. xo

  3. I love reading your posts! When you wrote that you were thinking of giving this blog up (a few posts ago) I had a pang of dread! I love how you write about being in the moment, being present and being grateful for the little things! I find you inspirational, please don't stop!


Thank you for stopping by! ~ I just love receiving your comments! I'll be sure to pop by your place too. Much love ~ Sophie x