Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Life's Rhythms..

Last weekend we pulled up our winter veggie patch to make way for our summer garden.  A week of hot weather while we were away in Byron Bay meant that all our winter veggies had flowered and bolted and while lush and beautiful to the eye, were taking up precious room where our zucchinis, eggplants and chilies needed to be planted.  We set to work with gusto, not holding back, only keeping one pretty rainbow chard and some newly planted parsley, the rest would be turned back into the soil.   I was so proud of our day’s efforts, potatoes and corn planted, zucchini and eggplant seedlings that we'd been nurturing, now left to grow big and strong beside the orange tree. This was the beginning of our summer harvest, a day to remember.

Today though, as we played outside, I wandered to the veggie patch and felt an overwhelming moment of sadness to see it look so bare.  The snails took a fancy to one of my precious zucchinis, the corn will take a few more weeks to shoot and while I know our little patch will start looking full in time, it momentarily struck a cord. It's both exciting and daunting to start over, to begin a new season. It is all part of life's rhythms isn't it.  The tides, moon phases, seasons, each come and go, making way for something new. 

And just like our veggie patch, our own lives are finding new rhythms too.  As we begin to enter the world of a two year old, each day I'm learning something new, trying my best to understand and adapt to the needs of my beautiful, spirited, little garden fairy.  I remind myself that each moment is fleeting, to try not to overthink situations.  Last week she only wore tutus, this week she's scared of insects and won't wear anything at all.  Toddlerhood is a beautiful, exciting and exhausting dance, one I'm passionate about taking slowly and gently.  And in doing so, I turn to my own life's rhythms and notice that they too must change, to allow for more balance, more play and more nourishing of my soul.  

In finding new rhythms for myself, I keep coming back to the same question, what makes my heart sing?  What brings me joy? In the few precious hours I have alone each day, what do I want to be nourishing myself with? Right now, I'm really enjoying being a maker again.  Once upon a time, when I first began this blog, I was a maker who blogged.  At some point in the process, I became a blogger to made things.  And now once again, the seasons have changed and I find myself longing to have my hands busy, with twine and thread, making baskets and wall hangings, experimenting with natural dyeing and evolving as an artist.  I'm also working on a really exciting project which will allow me to explore a new creative path and taking on more freelance writing work.  It's exciting and daunting all at the same time, but just like our garden, I know I just have to keep working away, a little each day and slowly things will take shape.

So where does this leave this little space of mine.  I do love it so and miss it so often.  What I miss now though isn't really blogging as such, it's writing for myself, writing posts like this. Reminders of the seasons, capturing these moments in time, straight from the heart. This is how I would like this space to evolve.  I may not write as often and I won't keep a schedule.  Some days I might just share images, some days rambling musings.  As I write this, I realise that I can't let this space go altogether, it just means too much to me.  So I will allow it evolve as I do and transform as part of the rhythm of this season of my life.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.  I know how full our days are and how overwhelming the world of social media can be.  I feel so blessed that you've taken a moment to journey into my world.

Much Love & Light


  1. Such beautiful reflections and writing Sophie. Thank you.

  2. Lovely, calm post Sophie. I have been trying to write a post all week and I think you have just given me a little nudge in the right direction. My garden is at the in-between stage too and battling with inconsistent weather and strong winds. Such a pretty photo x

  3. The evolution of your blog sounds like the right thing to do for you, and you're a beautiful writer, so you should definitely do what feels right :)

    Charlotte xx

  4. I think I will keep this text for a very long time and read it again and again!

  5. just lovey - it is so endearing to read of someone being so mindful of balance in this difficult world. I look forward to reading future blog posts in whatever form they may take x


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