Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Journal Your Heart Out - Week Two..

Hooray! One week finished! How is your journal looking? How are you feeling about the whole process? I've just loved seeing everyone's pages on Instagram, it's always so inspiring to see what you're creating.  Don't worry if you've missed a day here or there, what's most important is that when you are sitting down to write and create, you are doing so from the heart.  

I've created this week's prompts to be spontaneous and fun.  Journaling doesn't always have to be serious and I think those gentle moments, in between those deeper journeys of self discovery, can be a really nice way to balance out and lighten your journaling practice. 

As always, feel free to adapt, change or ditch any of the prompts, they really are just a place to begin.  Where you take them is up to you. 

- Films and songs that shaped you life: It's always amazes me how films and songs resonate on so many levels.  When I was 17, I was Amelie in a little old theatre in Sydney and the whole experience really had a remarkable impact on my life. Go back to those films and songs, rediscover them, and how they made you feel. 

- Cut Outs: Find a magazine or newspaper filled with great words, cut them out and rearrange them to make something new and glue it in your journal (see above image for one of mine).  Don't worry about grammar, just go for it. See each word in a new way.  (Inspired by the Bob Dylan method of song writing).

- Inspired by Images: Find an image that resonate with you and use it as inspiration for your page.  This is an especially great exercise if you are lost for words or ideas.

- Journal Date: Take your journal on a date, beyond your home.  Let it soak up the atmosphere of a coffee shop or afternoon sunshine at a park.  Explore what it is to write somewhere new. ps. Don't forget a pen or two!

- Walk it Out: Go for an intentional 10 minute walk (without any devices if possible). Notice your surroundings, be mindful as you walk.  When you get home, write about your experience.  You might even choose something in particular to focus on while you walk, a sound or colour for example.   

- Capture the Season: The seasons are a beautiful way to create chapters in your journaling, especially if you're not one to write dates on your pages.  Capture your favourite parts of the season, take time to notice the things that invigorate you during this time of the year.

- Collections: What do you collect? Memories, places, things? How do these collections shape and define you? What was your first collection? What would you love to collect? 

I hope this week will get you thinking outside the traditional form of journaling and invite you to play, to move and to notice the world around you.  Make sure you pop over to Instagram and check out the #journalyourheartout hashtag and add your images too.  And if you're blogging along, be sure to leave a comment so I can check out your posts. 

Happy Journaling
Much Love & Light

ps. If finding time to journal is something you're struggling with, check out my tips for making time to journal. Even if it's only five or ten minutes, remember every little bit counts. 


  1. I really enjoy this series about journaling! I have also written a post about embroidery as part of my journaling. https://storiesofobjects.wordpress.com/2015/09/09/the-fabric-of-my-days/
    Lots of greetings, Anca

    1. Thanks so much lovely! I will pop by and check it out. Sounds wonderful xx

  2. Very inspiring, thank you! I've been journaling all my life, but haven't really introduced adding photos and short sentences with meaningful words. I will try this! J Xo


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