Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Journal Your Heart Out - Week Three..

So here we are at Week Three. How have you been going so far? I'd love to hear about your journaling experiences.  Perhaps you've been making up your own prompts or just writing as your thoughts take you.  That's sometimes the best way to go.   

Week Three of Journal Your Heart Out, sees us going from the world around us to the world within. This week is a time to meander gently through the past, to acknowledge and set free, to celebrate and to look to the future with an open heart and outstretched arms.    

Use these prompts as a way to open yourself up to ideas, feelings and emotions.  Be kind to yourself, nurture your space and fill it with love.  

- Where I Write and Create: Take a moment to enjoy your writing space. The light that's seeping through the window, the worn old table.  Perhaps you don't have a designated space, why not write outside or manifest your ideal retreat, a little cabin in the wilderness, a Kombi parked by the sea.. Oh the possibilities.

- 10 Year Ago: Go back to a moment in time.  It can be big or small, whatever it is that comes to mind.  If that thought is fleeting, try again.  Find the beauty in the moment, the divine joy of a day with a loved one, or a sweet ephemeral hour. 

- Daily Rhythm: What is your daily rhythm like? How would you like it to feel? Perhaps you're looking to slow things down, to make the most from your days? Here is a lovely space to find out how you want your days to really be.

- I Remember: This is an opportunity to capture moments of childhood joy.  A favourite celebration, holiday or sweet memory.  Notice where your mind wanders to, what fills you with happiness.

- Embrace Silence: Try to find a few minutes of total silence.  Devices off, shoulders dropped, deep inhale.  If all you do is sit with your journal, that's perfect. If you find words or images that fit the moment, let them flow.  Embrace the silence, especially these days, it's a truly magical thing. 

- Love: Feel it, draw it in, nurture it and express it however you feel.

- 10 Years from Now: Here's an chance to dream and manifest those beautiful, wild, spectacular dreams. Get them on paper, notice your emotions as you write.  Give them substance and detail. Revel in the feeling that your dreams give you.


Journaling from the soul opens up so much within you, so remember to be kind to yourself.  Here are a couple tips to help through your soul journey journey this week. 

Trust your intuition..
Writing can be daunting and at times even scary and that's what I feel makes it a truly incredible form of self expression.  It's important to trust your intuition, because once you begin you never know where your words may take you.  Perhaps to somewhere beautiful, or to a distant memory  that you were not ready to revisit.  From my own experiences, I've learnt that some of those moments are the most powerful for self healing and understanding, so trust in your soul and the transforming journey you are embarking on. 

Embrace your words..
Whatever you find tumbles onto your page, embrace your words, for they are some of your most intimate thoughts (and of course a whole lot of rambling thrown in for good measure).  Try to write a whole page without reading back over it or analysing what you are trying to say.  Just let the words flow, even if it doesn't seem to be making any sense.  Read back over it a few days later or even a month and I promise you will find something remarkable within your musings.  Allowing yourself to find or rediscover your writer's voice, is a beautiful and powerful gift.  

Happy writing! I can't wait to see your journals and spaces on Instagram. Be sure to hashtag #journalyourheartout so we can pop by and visit.  And if you're blogging along, be sure to leave a comment so I can check out your posts. 

Much Love & Light


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