Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Journal Your Heart Out - Week One..

  To celebrate the change of season, the unfurling of possibilities and the beautiful handwritten word, I'm so excited to be hosting the second annual, Journal Your Heart Out project throughout September, here on the blog and on Instagram. 

I find around this time of the year, as life happens and the days are filled with doing and being, journals that were started earlier in the year are often left on the shelf, gathering dust. So the aim of this project is to get inspired and nurture the soul journaling experience, by creating a page a day in an existing or a new journal.  You can write, draw, collage or a mix of all, whatever brings your soul joy and then share your pages and words (whenever you feel like it) on your blog and Instagram throughout September.  I'll be featuring participants pages throughout the month and sharing some of my own too.

This year I'll be posting a list of prompts each week, throughout the month to get you dreaming, thinking and inspired.  Feel free to make use of them or just follow your own intuition.  I'll also be sharing weekly tips, thoughts and ideas here, to help you make the most of your soul journaling experience.  


So welcome to Journal Your Heart Out.  You can find out a little more about the project from last year here and a bit more about me (if you're new to the blog) here.  I'll be sharing more about my own soul journaling experience as the month progresses but for now, I would love for you to connect or reconnect with your journals and start creating.  Below you'll find a list of this week's prompts.  These are just to get you thinking, so feel free to use, adapt and transform them in anyway you like and in whichever order you feel.  The main aim of the first week if just to settle in, to go gently and ease into the process.  Those blank pages can be daunting sometimes, so hopefully these prompts might be a good spring board from your ideas.  

If you're using a journal you've been using previously, I suggest starting on a new double page.  If you're using a new journal, leave the first page blank and dive right in. 

- Welcome: To settle into your pages, welcome yourself, perhaps with a little introduction, your favourite quote, an inspiring image.  Go gently and let the words find you.  Forget what you've written or created before and just start fresh.

- Home: What does home mean to you? Perhaps sit in your favourite spot while you write or make a note all the sounds you can hear in your home.  Describe it, revel in it, embrace the everyday beauty,

-You Ideal Day: What is it like? What would you do? Who would you be with? Immerse yourself in the experience.

- Gratitude: This can be as simple as a list of what you are grateful for or deeper expression of gratitude for people, places and experiences. Go gently and enjoy expressing this beautiful feeling. 

- Inspirations: Who and what inspires you? What gives you those butterflies of excitement and makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.  Why do your inspirations make you feel this way?

- Tribe: What does tribe mean to you? Who is part of your tribe? Are you searching for your tribe, where would you like to find them?

- Life List: Create a life list, things you would love to do in your life.  Big, small, everyday or wonderfully wild.  A list of 20, 50 or even 100, whatever you like.  Make a note of the items on the list that really make heart sing, the ones that give you that feeling.  They are the most important of all.


If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by all those blank pages, check out my tips for starting a new journal.  

I'd love to see your journals so feel free to leave a comment with your blog details and use the hashtag #journalyourheartout on Instagram and Facebook.  And be sure to spread the word and invite anyone you think might enjoy the project to join in.

Happy Journaling!
Much Love & Light


  1. You've got me inspired Sophie. I don't have Instagram or a blog, but I will certainly follow along. Such a wonderful idea and your prompts will definitely help. Thank you so much. I am really looking forward to starting this journey.

    1. Oh that's wonderful Andrea! I'm so glad you'll be joining in! Keep me updated x

  2. Replies
    1. Oh fabulous Kathrine, I love seeing your beautiful journals x

  3. Perfect timing for me, Sophie. Thank you for organizing this. Feel free to browse through my blog asimplebreath.blogspot.com or my instagram @annetteviolets for how I have already started this journaling process. Much love and light to you! ~Annette

    1. Thanks so much Annette! I look forward to checking our your process x

  4. I'm joining in; yesterday was my first day! Also folowing you on Instagram to keep in touch with updates. Both your IG and blog are lovely.


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