Friday, 28 August 2015

Grounded by the Earth...

 When I first began my conscious living journey, I felt deep inside something was missing.  I'd open up one of my favourite books, Velvet Pears and revel in Susan's amazing garden, Foxglove Spires and I'd feel something stirring within, something that felt like tiny butterflies. I kept coming back to that feeling, trying to pinpoint what it was and seemed to be the way she described her connection to her garden and her journey, especially in it's early beginnings with her herb garden.  

At this time in my life, we were getting our little cottage ready to rent and finding a way to get out of town.  I wasn't in any position to go putting my heart and soul into a garden.  I did however, have plenty of work to do outside, paving the court yard, pulling weeds and making our backyard appealing for renters.  It was during those few months in 2012, I started to dream about creating my own little patch, a sweet herb garden with a picket fence and wildflowers.  And every time I thought about it, those little butterflies would re-emerge. 

Over the next few years those feelings continued. A knowing that something in my life was missing, but slowly and somehow consciously, I began quietly filling the space.  As I walked the beach, bare feet in the warm sand, on the humid summer days when we searched for rock pools in the Byron Bay Hinterland, when I planted the seedlings in my very first little veggie patch, those butterflies emerged and took flight. I wanted to bottle that divine energy up, I wanted to feel it everyday.

It's been exactly three years now since my journey began, what I think of now as my reset to life.  And after much searching, thinking, dreaming, meditating and wandering, I've now come to realise what it is I was missing all those years of my life was a real dialogue with the Earth and my own place in the natural world.  In the busyness of my 'previous life', I didn't allow myself any real time to connect with Mother Nature.  If I did it was behind the lens or only on superficially. I had forgotten how to tune in to nature and truly be in the moment, something I always used to do as a child. 

These days, my life is very different. These days I endevour to embrace those moments.  I no longer search for things to photograph or blog about, I live my life, surround myself with the natural world and those beautiful things that I want to share find me. I take my days slowly and whenever possible spend time outside. I've realised that there is so much to be learnt by observing and engaging with Mother Nature, she is the most incredible teacher. And when Tallow is making mud pies and splashing in puddles and I'm watering or weeding, or harvest veggies for dinner, we are both in that elemental moment, using all of our senses, grounded by the Earth.  

And that is where I have have found my place. Right there in my little patch, as I watch the bees, harvest kale by moonlight, pick dandelions and mint to dye yarn.  I know I have found what I was longing for.  

Much Love & Light


  1. So beautiful. I'm such a garden lover at heart and I find myself less connected than I'd like right now, through circumstance I suppose. Reading this has my own butterflies stirring again; I will to find my way back. x

  2. Oh so true my dear, and beautifully written. When I am in the garden, I am in 'flow', time flies by and I am most definitely not anywhere else but there. Being back in town and less immersed in nature, I've found that I am a little 'at sea'. I can't wait to sink my roots in somewhere surrounded by it all again soon xx

  3. Nothing better than digging in the earth, planting and growing. You can't hurry Mother Nature.

  4. Very beautiful, Sophie. I long for this myself and have tried many times to make it work. I guess if I never give up trying, I'll never give up. x

  5. So beautiful Sophie. Imagine how wonderful our world would be if more people had a similar realization of the importance of being connected to mother nature. x

  6. This is so achingly beautiful, I couldn't agree more! Nothing has grounded me more than working in the garden, following the changing seasons and appreciating every little thing going on in nature. Well put!!

  7. An honest reflection on self-realisation is such a breath of fresh air. What a beautiful and positive and humbling life. Nature is so inspiring isn't it. Thanks for sharing xx


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