Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Everyday Moments..

The local almond orchard in bloom sings to my soul..
These two.. Having a chat about the ducks on the river..
Every winter harvest is special, especially when there's Romanesco broccoli in the basket..
The play dough phase has begun.. Home made & naturally coloured with spirulina, turmeric and cocoa.. 
The very beginnings of our Summer garden.. We've got plans for some raised beds, more bean teepees, some interesting heirloom varieties and some happy chickens too.. 
A late Winter vista over to one of my favourite local heritage homesteads..

Much Love and Light


  1. Oh these posts always make me feel a little nostalgic about a previous life we lived, prior to marriage, children and responsibility in Mildura! That natural play dough looks good enough to eat. There is something wonderfully comforting about play dough...especially when it is still soft and warm xx

    1. Oh that's so lovely to here Jane. Yes there is something wonderfully unique about the Mildura landscape. I just wish that homestead would go up for sale. Hehe!
      I was so excited to make my first batch of play dough, it bought back so many memories and was much adored. Have a beautiful weekend x


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