Wednesday, 22 July 2015

These Days - Mid Winter..

These days, birthday flowers and beautiful reads brighten the dining table and fill the winter days with joy and inspiration.  

These days, are for picnics by the river and wildflower crown making..

These days, are winter garden is slowly coming to life, with beautiful sacred geometry. 

These days, we spend our weekends exploring and stopping by farm gate stalls for lovely local produce. It really is the most wonderful way to shop. 

These days, under the orange tree is the best place to place to play. 

 These days, I find quiet moments to revel in beautiful words and images and potter in the garden.  I remind myself to find beauty in the everyday, chat to stall holders at the farmers markets and find the perfect home for a trio teeny, tiny pumpkins. 
 These days, winter harvests are such a delight and plans are being made for our summer garden. The promise of Spring dances upon the midday breeze and my heart sings at the prospect of longer days and exciting plans unfurling.

Much Love & Light


  1. Beautiful words and beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing Sophie.

    1. Thank you lovely Andrea! It's always an inspiring time of year x

  2. Lovely post indeed and beautiful photography x

  3. Life looks so lovely and calm at your place Sophie! x

    1. Hehe! Not quite always calm, but gentle as much as possible. xx


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