Friday, 31 July 2015

Taking Stock - JULY..

Making : A new collection of baskets for Wilde Asher and embossed tags for my sister's wedding invitations 
Cooking : Anything with lemon in it.. It's citrus season and I can't get enough!  
Drinking : Hot water and lemon and home grown orange juice
Reading: The Cottage Under the Big Pines by Susan Southam. Such a beautiful and inspiring read.
Wanting: To sort out the pantry on the weekend and make lovely clay labels for all the jars
Looking: Forward to my mum's visit next month. 
Playing: Mud pie making and finger painting.  The winter days have been just perfect for plenty of time outside
Deciding: On plans for an exciting new project.  Can't wait to share more soon.
Wishing: I had a telescope so I could take a good photo of the beautiful moon tonight.
Enjoying: Serendipitously finding all my favourite people in the same spot. 
Waiting: For Ben to get home after two nights away. Hooray for Fridays!
Liking: That there was not a single person in line at the post office today.. Perfect timing!
Loving: Crafternoons with my girl
Pondering: Today's magical 'blue moon'. Pretty special to have two full moons in one month. 
Considering: Getting some lovely chickens to add to our family very soon
Buying: My dream pair of boots. I've been dreaming a great pair of beautiful wear with everything for many seasons to come, ethical boots and I've finally found them!
Watching: This gorgeous film.  Oh Michelle and Luisa, such beautiful and clever ladies!
Hoping: It won't rain too much to picnic and play in the garden this weekend

Marvelling: At the beautiful flowers in my home. Feeling very blessed to be surrounded by such beauty
Needing: To crochet myself a pair of slippers
Smelling: The amazing Meyer lemons on the dining table and deciding we need to plant a tree ASAP
Wearing: My new hat (a lovely birthday gift), and feeling like I need my very own sailing boat (like this one) to match
Noticing: Spring slowly beginning to bloom
Knowing: That good things come to those who never give up hope 
Thinking: About taking a week long holiday away from social media, maybe even screens all together. I think I might just jump in and take the plunge next week. 
Sorting: Bridal shower details.. I'm thinking yoga, flower crown making, massages and dancing!
Getting: Excited for my sister's wedding! This maid of honour business is such fun!
Bookmarking: Sash's amazing post about being enough.. So beautiful
Coveting: This kitchen and everything in it..
Opening: Beautiful mail from the gorgeous Evie Barrow.  Beyond exciting to have two pieces of her amazing art in our home. 
Giggling: At Miss T's dance moves.  She's such a little groover.  Thinking a weekly dance and music playgroup session might be in order.  
Feeling: Full of gratitude, it's a truly amazing time right now. 
Helping: My dear friend Fleur with her beautiful #littlesqauresofstrength project. 
Hearing: Double J.. Always great company! 

Wishing you a most gorgeous weekend..
Enjoy the full moon tonight!
Much Love & Light

PS. Thanks to the lovely Pip for the fabulous Taking Stock list.

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  1. Fascinating list Sophie & gorgeous, happy photos! That parcel looks familiar...thank you so much for such a generous, handmade gift. It is a treasure. Oh your family wedding will be beautiful, cannot wait for some snippets. I do love weddings! x


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