Friday, 17 July 2015

A Time for Making..

In the depths of Winter, when the days are short, the clouds are grey and the rain sets in, I am finding myself creating more than ever.  Winter, for me it seems, is a time for making.  And this year, I'm reveling in finding new ways to look at old mediums, adapting styles, incorporate new materials and embracing the creative process, rather than simply working for an outcome. Last Winter, I embraced my love of textiles and crochet, to create a series of wall hanging mandalas and this year I'm working towards expanding the range, building my skills, using only eco-friendly, ethical and biodegradable materials and take inspirations from childhood memories, counter culture and ancient tradition. 

Over the years as I've explored different mediums, I've never felt like I've had much control over my work, more that my limitations and skills have controlled me. I've always longed to find an artistic path that would allow me to express the theoretical and cultural concepts that float around in my head.  And I realised late the other night as I was laying in bed dreaming up a new idea for a wall hanging, that at last I feel like I've finally found something that allows me to really explore, play and connect with a process I love, a process that at times feels quite ancient and very special.  I think about the women who have sat together around fires and in sitting rooms for hundreds of thousands of years before me, making baskets for gathering, pouches for keeping plants and remedies, blankets & mats for warmth and shelter, and with each stitch I feel like I'm weaving a little of my own story into this sacred tradition. There is such beauty in simplicity and utility, in the stripping back of the unnecessary and concentrating on form and function and the way each piece connects to its environment and its user.  I'm also learning to let go of having an fully formed idea and instead letting the thread and the voices of the past guide my way. 

My basket of tangled threads, baskets, pouches and hangings in the making, are becoming more than just a series of projects for me, they are helping me to rediscover a part of who I am. 

Much Love & Light 

PS. You can find the peace sign wall hanging and wildflower bunting over in the Wild Asher store.  I'm currently working on a range of ready to ship sacred treasure pouches and baskets and am also looking forward to also taking custom orders very soon. 


  1. What a beautiful post Sophie! I'm feeling similar feelings this winter. I am feeling the call to create like I've never felt before. I'm letting go of perfectionism that has held me back in the past and I'm just going with it. It feels so freeing and it makes me feel so happy and at peace. Enjoy Sophie. I'm enjoying seeing your gorgeous creations. Much love, Julie xo

  2. You are always making lovely things Sophie...stay warm x

  3. I always craft more in the winter too and try many different things, for me that is part of the enjoyment of it all. Your pieces are all absolutely beautiful :)

  4. Really beautiful, Sophie. Crafting and winter just seem to go together, both requiring huge levels of cosiness to really get going. x


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