Thursday, 4 June 2015

Welcoming Winter..

Winter and I.. The last few years, we've danced this dance, winter and I. It's a to and fro of love and melancholy.  Some days the dance is sweet and light, as I bask in the afternoon winter sun or watch the last of the Autumn leaves catch the early morning frost.  Yet at times, especially in 2012, I can only ever remember this, as a season of sorrow.  This year though, my heart is full, my steps are light, my dreams are vast & wild and my little world is filled with warm morning snuggles, sweet little sets of pink flannelette pajamas and tea parties by the fire place. So as I turn the calendar page, to the first of June and greet Winter's first full moon, this year I welcome Winter with open arms.  A warm loving embrace and a long overdue forgiveness, for the season that in the past, I always wanted to forget.

I'm welcoming winter with a big bowl of lemons.. for warming drinks &broths.

I've peeked out frosty bedroom windows to witness the breathtaking full moon sunrise. 

 I've greeted the first frost with childlike joy (and then dashed back inside to put on more layers).

I've found the perfect spot for morning tea parties, while we wait patiently for the garden to defrost.

I've gathered the first of our leafy greens ready for our homemade supercharged ginger and turmeric chicken soup.

And I've rearranged my studio space, to make the most of the afternoon winter sun.

Yes, the days might be short, the mornings might be frosty, but this year, I'm going to embrace all the tiny moments that make winter truly magical. And I think there will be plenty of tea & crochet involved.

How do you welcome Winter?
Much Love


  1. I love the winter months - especially those bright and sunny crisp days where every breath you take is ice cold but it's still a joy to be outside. In the UK I do find that the final month of winter can be difficult, once Christmas is out of the way it often seems as though spring is a long time coming - but it arrives in the end! Lovely post, as always.

  2. Beautiful images. Sadly, I live in a desert country where it is currently a very hot 115 F outside. There will be no outdoor activities for quite some time. So although I am stuck inside for quite the opposite reason, I will still be drinking tea and doing lots of crochet. :)

  3. It's funny reading this, because we're just coming into summer where I am - I'm going to remember that approach for the winter though, as I usually just stay inside in a grump!

  4. This post is good timing for me, as I have the same feelings about summer (which is making its way into my part of the world just now). I need to think about the parts of the season I can delight in.


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