Wednesday, 24 June 2015

These Days - Early Winter..

These days, are just perfect for tea and crochet.. New ideas and designs are flowing and I'm truly feeling like I've found my creative bliss. 

 These days, the kitchen is the place to be, with new recipes in hand.  Eccles cakes care of Michelle's beautiful book were just perfect for Winter Solstice celebrations.

 These days, are for enjoying breathtaking sunsets, beautiful celestial alignments and bonfire festivities with friends. 

These days, dreams become plans, pages are filled and hearts are bursting of excitement.  

 These days, are for falling in love with lilac roses and playing in the Old Homestead rose garden. 

These days, there is always plenty to do in the veggie patch. Thank goodness we have an eager assistant. 

These days the sun light hours are fleeting and moments are savoured more than captured.  It's these days I'm so often grateful to have a camera in my pocket to be able to catch something quickly and go back in enjoying the moment rather than missing it altogether. And while I do miss getting my camera out and of course look forward to using it again soon, I realise in beautiful moments when we are exploring together, gardening or covered in flour, it's the last thing I'm thinking about.  Sometimes, life is so much better enjoyed, without thinking about framing it through a lens. 

Much Love & Light


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    1. Thank you Julie! Hope you're having a beautiful week!

  2. Phone photos are so good to look at when I'm having a bad day to remind me of my blessed life. If you run in to grab camera and set up you miss that precious moment hey. Beautiful moments, Sophie. Happy Winter solstice xx

    1. Yes that's so true lovely Zena! Those moments, especially with a busy toddler can only really be captured in there true ephemeral beauty, with a quick snap. I looked at the photo of Miss T with the wheelbarrow for ages, wondering whether or not to put it up because it was a bit blurry, but I loved the moment so much, yes indeed a beautiful reminder of a blessed life. xx

  3. Love the bonfire shot Sophie x


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