Friday, 19 June 2015

Taking Stock - JUNE..

Making : A sweet little flower dinosaur for the lovely Fleur and working on a range of sacred treasure pouches for Wilde Asher
Cooking : A 'bit of everything slice' to go with the large mugs of tea that are keeping my hands warm. 
Drinking : Chamomile Tea, I always forget how much I enjoy it.  
Reading: Organic Gardner's Permaculture magazine and Peppermint Magazine. Both such inspiring reads.
Wanting: Women Who Run with Wolves after reading Danielle's beautiful post
Looking: Out my studio window at the clouds.  It's the first time I've really spent time in this space to write and I love it so much.  Although, remind me to get some heating..
Playing: With petals.. After the rain the wild flowers have arrived. 
Deciding: On paint colours and designs for our super exciting new project.  So many choices!
Wishing: There were just a few more daylight hours.
Enjoying: Our very own backyard oranges.  They're the best in town.   
Waiting: With much excitement and anticipation see the photos for our new Wilde Asher lookbook, shot by Meg Kelly
Liking: That we got our gas bottle replaced this morning, otherwise we were in for a cold night!
Loving: This quiet afternoon moment, nap times have been later in the day recently and I find the pockets of complete silence, totally inspiring. 
Pondering: What design I'm going to make Miss T's cardboard box cubby house this weekend. 
Buying: My maid of honour dress for my sister's wedding.  It's all getting a bit exciting! 
Watching: Jimi: All Is by My Side.. Such a fascinating look into the early career of Jimi Hendrix.
 Hoping: There will be some good veggies at the farmer's market tomorrow morning.
Marvelling: At how big my girl is getting and how overnight it seems she learns something entirely new.  
Needing: To start turning the lights on and getting ready for family time
Questioning: If offline is the new online and trying to find the right balance. 
Smelling: My new lavender bush and wanting to plant half a dozen more. 
Wearing: My two favourite Fabrik jumpers from last season, on rotation, everyday. 
Following: This brilliant Fork to Fork pozible campaign.
Noticing: The beautiful bare winter trees.
 Admiring: Kaity's amazing midsummer cake and wondering if I can make a midwinter version for Sunday's Winter Solstice celebrations.
Sorting: Toys and story books and easy to tidy up homes for everything
Bookmarking: This great post about food hobbies in Winter. Preserving and cider making.. Yes please! 
Coveting: A pair of handmade leather boots
Giggling: At Miss T playing with her shadow. All kinds of adorable!
Feeling: Very happy it's Friday!
Snacking: On our 'straight from the tree' oranges. 
Thinking: I need to take my camera out for a play this weekend.

Have a beautiful weekend!
Much Love & Light

PS. Thanks to the lovely Pip for the fabulous Taking Stock list.


  1. Sounds like your week as been fun and busy. Hope you have a happy weekend with your camera x

    1. Thanks lovely! It has been a fun month indeed!

  2. I love these lists Sophie, so much fun! We are celebrating the solstice tomorrow a small way! Mildura oranges are the best aren't they? How exciting that you have a family wedding on the horizon x

    1. Yes so much happening Jane, it's all very exciting! And I can't wait for our Flour and Fire adventure too! What fun!

  3. What a beautuful list & the prettiest of pictures!! And can't wait to receive Ivy's flower dino you beautiful lady :) thanks so much!! we did taking stock posts on the same day! xx

    1. Yes I noticed we did posts on the same day! hehehe! Yes Miss Orange blossom should reach you soon lovely! xx


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