Monday, 1 June 2015

A Fond Farewell..

This weekend we said farewell to our little 1970s caravan.  It's been a bittersweet journey with the lovely yellow van, I affectionately called Asher. And while it's been sad to say goodbye, I know there is much more in store, for all of us.

Asher was my Christmas present back in 2011.  I had wonderful plans to paint,renovate and take her on all kinds of gyspy adventures, perhaps even selling my wares along the way.  But when our lives were forever changed in August of 2012, Asher went from our someday project, to our getaway car.  As we left our cottage and town behind, she became our new home.  A place to feel safe in, to call our own, while everything else around us seemed to be falling apart.   We ventured all the way to Queensland with her, took her to Byron Bay and Woodford and spent a summer we'll never forget hanging out in our little vintage van.

Fast forward a coincidental nine months and our beautiful rainbow girl was born.  Our endless summer was behind us and we now had to start thinking about the future for our new family.  In the end when we moved back to Mildura, we had to decide between bringing Asher back with us, or all our belongings.   At first we said we'd just transport her down when we were settled, but that was easier said than done. The windows needed to be properly secured and in the end, moving costs were going to be more than we bought her for.  So she'd been sitting in sunny Queensland two and half years now, enjoying a little holiday and we were at a cross roads about what to do next.  

As our dreams expanded last year and we talked about working forwards buying our own patch of land and starting our own family enterprise, we realised there were parts of our current life stopping us from fulfilling our dreams and one of those was all the things we'd left behind in Queensland, including the caravan.  So, last weekend, after a long drive and a chat, a clear direction and exciting plans for the future, we took a leap and put a few photos of our beloved Asher on Gumtree.  She sold within 24 hours to a lovely young family. They picked her up on Saturday and have told us they'd keep in touch.  

The whole experience has felt a little like saying goodbye to a part of the family.  Never in my life, did I think I'd become so attached to a caravan.  But we knew we had to let her go, the memories we so strong, both happy and sad.  And we just couldn't bring ourselves to continue the renovations or change her into something else.  So now she's another family's dream. 

So where to from here? Where will our gypsy adventures take us next?  Well you'll just have to watch this space.  We've got something very exciting in the works and it may even include a spot for the gypsy wagon of my dreams. 

Here's to fond farewells, to finishing up with the old and starting new adventures.  To taking leaps of faith and having the courage to begin again. 

Much Love & Light

PS. You can see a few of our adventures with Asher here.. 


  1. So looking forward to what's next in your wonderful life adventures - very exciting :) X

  2. So looking forward to what's next in your wonderful life adventures - very exciting :) X

  3. Here's to following your dreams!!! xxoo

  4. yes here's to freeing up energy to move forwards! good luck. X

  5. A new chapter is unfolding x

  6. I totally understand the sentiment of this post and the needing to let go a free that energy. Much love you all. Always. X

  7. Definitely looking forward to seeing where your adventures lead you! x

  8. Well done! You are at that stage in simplifying where you need to let go of things you love to move forward. I'm finding this step challenging - but its where you get the most benefit. Can't wait to hear moire about your upcoming adventures. xx


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