Wednesday, 27 May 2015

These Days - Late Autumn..

These days, Autumn is coming to a close.. I take time to find delicate leaves and embrace the last of the season's beauty. 

 These days, are perfect for endless cups of tea and beautiful, inspiring reads.

These days the dining table is busy with makings and doings.. And while finding a spot to have dinner might be tricky, it's a sure sign that dreams are coming true. 

 These days, are for redecorating and making the living room nice and cosy for Winter.. 

 These days, there's projects everywhere I look, things to make, photograph and write.  If only my hands could keep up with my ideas. 

These days, are perfect for slow adventures and wander by the river. 

As Autumn draws to an end, I can't help but feel a little sad about saying goodbye to my favourite season.  I remind myself to breath it all in, be gentle on myself, move with the natural rhythms and embrace the new season. Winter days in Mildura can be so lovely and I'm looking forward to making the most of the winter sun, getting into the garden and working on some exciting new projects. 

Much Love & Light 


  1. Gorgeous photos. I feel a bit the same about Autumn coming to an end, but I'm learning to embrace each season for what it brings. And that book....OMGoodness I love it so much. Enjoy xo

  2. I hear you about the hands not keeping up with the ideas. Come on, come on!
    Beautiful things Sophie.

  3. Beautiful Autumn scenes.

  4. Beautiful and inspirational as always, thanks for sharing!x

  5. So lovely. I wish we were heading into cooler temps here. It's currently 113 F and only gonna get hotter.


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