Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Taking Stock - MAY..

Over the years I've always enjoyed reading everyone's Taking Stock posts, but I've never actually written one myself.  And it just seems like the perfect kind of post for today, in the middle of the month, in the midst of exciting happenings, makings and doings.  Thank you lovely Ashley for reminding me about these great posts and to the wonderful Pip for her Taking Stock concept.


Making : Prayer flags for Bec's #prayerflagsfornepal campaign 
Cooking : Chicken broth with extra lemon and turmeric
Drinking : Tea - Earl Grey
Reading: Turn Right at Machu Picchu by Mark Adams and A Table in the Orchard by the divine Michelle Crawford
Wanting: A new couch. A nice, comfortable, squishy, cosy, afforable, toddler proof couch
Looking: At the beautiful last flourish of snapdragons
Playing: In the garden, our dirt girl would dig to China if she could, I'm sure
Deciding: On a plan of attack to organise my studio desk once and for all.
Wishing: There were a few more hours in the day (in the best way possible!)
Enjoying: The Autumn sunshine through the kitchen window
Waiting: For the kale and rainbow chard to grow big enough to start harvesting
Liking: Bloglovin for fixing my posts! Hooray, it's working again!
Wondering: When the oranges on our tree will be ripe enough to enjoy  
Loving: That we are nearly ready to relaunch the Wilde Asher store
Pondering: How best to tackle the up coming Mercury Retrograde.  I think I'll start with a list.
Considering: Moving all the bedrooms and studio around.  I'm a bit of a gypsy and can't keep everything in the same spot for too long.
Watching: Rachel Khoo and Poh & Co. on SBS on Demand.  Such inspiring ladies! 
Hoping: I have enough time for a little new moon yoga this afternoon 
Marvelling: At beautiful, kind and supportive online community
Needing: Another cup of tea
Smelling: My new beeswax candle
Wearing: My awesome pair of $4 thrifted jeans.. everyday. 
Following: The beautiful Spirit Weaver Gathering days on IG. 
Noticing: My to do lists creeping back onto random pieces of paper and post its today.  (I've been attempting bullet journaling and loving it. Time to reign the notes back in)
Knowing: That doing things one at a time, is far better than multi-tasking, especially for an easily distracted creative. 
Thinking: I need another solo thrift outing for another pair of jeans (and vintage florals of course!)
Feeling: Excited and grateful! So many wonderful things happening at the moment. 
Sorting: Product photos and descriptions.. And the washing basket (of course)
Buying: All kinds of wonderful seasonal produce from the farmer's markets.   
Bookmarking: Almost every article on Sacred Ecology
Disliking: Trips to the post office, with a cranky toddler.. in the rain.
Opening: My notebook.. Ready for list making
Giggling: At toddler dance sessions in the kitchen.. in gumboots.  Cuteness overload!

Much Love & Light


  1. Oh I love these posts too Sophie! My parents say that the oranges are sweeter after a few frosts. I tend to agree. I'm looking forward to your store opening. I also look forward to checking out your links. Thanks for sharing. Happy Tuesday. xxoo

  2. Hi Sophie, these posts are fun aren't they? I think I might have to take stock soon too! Your list is full of goodness, your chicken broth sounds delicious x

  3. I really enjoy my taking stock posts, it's a lovely moment to sit back and appreciate the little things!x

  4. A lovely collection of things and moments to enjoy. Funnily enough my children do not particularly enjoy trips to the post office, I'm not sure why? ;) xx

  5. Your gentle month is like a balm to me, Soph. I really can't wait for the store to open! x

  6. Hi, I'm new to your blog. I love your lovely photos.

  7. I love this list idea, perhaps I'll have a go myself...you've got a lot of good things going on! :) xxx

  8. some lovely things there, I order the Macchu Picchu book! x


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