Thursday, 30 April 2015

These Days - Mid Autumn..

These days,  we are packing and getting ready for our first family adventure to the Gold Coast for my Nan's 90th birthday.   

These days taste like, earl grey tea, Anzac slice and pumpkin soup..

These days, I've been helping the gorgeous Bec with her amazing Prayer Flags for Nepal project, to raise money for OXFAM's Earthquake relief efforts.  These scraps will become little prayer flag rainbows..

These days smell like, sweet blossoming eucalyptus flowers..

 These days I've been working on product photos for our new Wilde Asher ranges.  I just love bringing all my favourite things together.. 

These days, I'm gathering herbs to dry and dreaming of a beautiful big spiral herb garden..

 These days, call for warm coats and boots and are perfect for garden explore and muddy puddle finding..

 These days, we are make a special 90th birthday card from pretty toddler paintings. We are deciding which books and teddy bears to take on the plane and whether we will need gum boots or sandals.  

These days are busy and exciting! It's been over a year since we've been back to Queensland and we can't wait to see our families and celebrate a very special lady's 90th birthday.  Can't wait to share our adventures next week.

Much Love & Light


  1. Thanks for sharing Sophie. Safe travels and take care. I hope it all goes well. xo

  2. Hope you have a lovely time at your Nan's birthday and enjoy being back with family!

  3. What a lovely post! I'm so excited to see what you do with the shop. Everything in that photograph with the jewellery is stunning. :) Good luck and happy creating!

  4. Gosh, look at that eucalyptus! Wishing your Nan a very happy birthday indeed! x

  5. Every now and then when I read your posts I wonder if you miss teaching and if you plan to go back to it?
    I can see that life has changed so much for you, and it must be a completely different pace to your days of teaching. Just wondering, as I am a teacher myself and am often quite lured by your halcyon lifestyle. x


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