Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Soul Journaling - Tips for Making the Time to Journal..

So you've started your journal.  In the beginning you were enthusiastic, motivated and writing every other day, but then as the weeks went by, life got busy and your journal began gathering dust.  When there is a free moment, you feel a bit guilty, spending time writing when your to do list seems never ending.  But you know what, taking that time out, even if it's just ten minutes, can nourish your soul and rejuvenate you, ready for the rest of the day. So here are my favourite tips for how to make a little more time in your everyday to journal. 

Create a sacred journaling space - Having a space to write, can really allow the words to flow. Now this may not 'a room of ones own', it might not even be at a desk. You might prefer to sit in the garden, on the front porch or even in a library or cafe. Wherever you are, connect with the space, make it your own, somewhere you can feel comfortable and really open up and connect with your words.

Cultivate a purposeful time to journal - This is the key to soul journaling.  Find a time that works for you. It might be early in the morning, just before bed or ten minutes during nap time. Acknowledge this time as yours, solely to journal. Whether it's every second day or just on the weekend, for fifteen minutes or an hour, make the time yours and schedule regularly it in to your life.

 Have pages ready to go & supplies handy - There's nothing worse than finally having the time and motivation to write and not be able to find a working pen, or a glue stick. If like me, you like to add inspiring ephemera to you pages, try and have a few pages pre-prepared and ready to write. 

Don't hold back. Just write!So you've got a spare five minutes, start writing!  Keep your journal close by and just begin. I'll be discussing writers block in the coming weeks, but for now my simple tip is this.. put the pen on the page and let the words unfurl. They are just for you, whatever you need to release. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in finding the right words, but when time is precious it's important not to let it hold you back from writing anything at all. 

Remember every little bit counts Don't feel like you have to sit down and rewrite War & Peace each time you journal. Just one page can be really nourishing and soul expanding. You'll often find, once you work out the kinks on that first page, you won't be able to stop. 

Visit your journal often - The more you visit, the more time you'll want to spend in your journal pages. Even if you don't have time to write a few pages, just have a flick through,read, smile and reflect, add a few little notes, photos or ephemera. I like think of it a bit like decorating your home. Make it feel warm & inviting and develop layers of things you love. 

Make journaling part of your everyday well being - Just like eating well, exercising, yoga and meditation, journaling can be a wonderful part of your well being routine. The moment you are able to see journaling as more than just scribbling words and to dos and begin cultivating a journal practice as part of your own soul nourishment and wellness, is the moment you will make time for this powerful form of self transformation. 

I hope some of these ideas might help to carve out a bit more time in the day, perhaps they might even help you to begin a new kind of journaling practice.  I  just love writing these posts and will be adding to this series every few weeks, with prompts, ideas and ways to get the most out of your practice.  If you've got any questions or want me to cover a particular topic, just let me know.

Much Love & Light

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  1. No one calls me to journal more that you! I'm not right now, but I love the idea of making a collage of things, also having a dedicated space where the journal can sit open and ready sounds nice. It's a ritual isn't it. Thanks for showing us. X

  2. Great post! Just popped over from IG and I'm inspired! Your journal looks lovely, btw.

  3. Wow I loved it, I really need to remember these, I love journaling but it's not easy to find the proper time and space:) Will you show us your "finished journals"? I'm really curious about them:)

  4. Amazing =]


  5. Thank you Sophie. I love how you've got pictures in your journal and I recently started doing the same too. It's as you say, I started out strong and now my journal is gathering dust. I also love your Inspiration board. I dream of a timber home with a corrigated iron roof, timber veranda and the old fashioned push up timber windows, a garden with flowers, veggies, fruit trees and herbs all mixed in together. We have our land in the country, a colourbond home with a wood fire and the beginnings of gardens. It's definitely a work in progress and the journey is so important. I'm off to get my journal back out. I hope you're having a good week. take care xxoo

  6. I really do need to get back into some proper journalling - I haven't really done any in years! I've also noticed how much my handwriting has suffered in the past few years as I write less and type more.

  7. Great tips! And your handwriting is so beautiful <3

    Sophie | www.dreamsandcolourschemes.com


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