Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Everyday Moments..

 An Autumnal crown for my little fairy..
A custom mandala for someone special..
Eggplants for days..
Blushing bloom..
Gumboot weather..
Wandering through the roses..
A happy little Easter basket - books, a tambourine & a little mama made duck..

Much Love & Light


  1. Beautiful mandala, and a wonderful basket of eggplants, well done you. Over here it is just time to plant the seeds. CJ xx

  2. We've just had our first Rhubarb of the year, it's so satisfying to see things grow and to fulfil their purpose. Thanks for sharing these delightful moments!

  3. Everything is so beautiful. Indeed, beauty is in the simplicity. Brava

  4. Lovely moments Sophie
    Cute little Tassie map on your mood board...planning a trip?


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