Friday, 24 April 2015

Conscious Living - 10 Simple Ways to Tread Lightly..

It's such an inspiring week on the conscious living calendar, with Earth Day celebrations on Wednesday and Fashion Revolution Day today.  What better opportunity to acknowledge all the amazing work being done around the world to bring about change and to share ideas and inspiration that can help us take simple actions in our daily lives. Today I wanted to share some of the ways we have been working towards making changes in our lives, simple ways to tread more lightly on the planet.  

Grow you own food - Connecting directly with the Earth has been such an amazing experience for me.  To get started yourself, I suggest trying to grow whatever you can, where ever you can, every little bit makes a difference. Even growing in pots on a patio, or a tiny backyard patch can help feed you and your family. It can be a bit intimidating, but there are so many people and places that can help on your food growing journey. I promise, not only will it help the planet, it will change your life.

Buy local - If you can't grow it, buy it as locally as possible. I love getting to know our local growers and producers and visiting their road side stalls and farmers markets.  Doing this, is not only helping the local community and also reducing the amount of energy required to transport goods. And it always tastes so much better too!

Make your own cleaning and beauty products - Making my own products has really been a revelation for me in the past year. It's simple, cost effective and so much better for the environment. Making your own means you know exactly what's going into your products and you can choose exactly what you want to use. I suggest starting with homemade laundry liquid (I love Rhonda's recipe) and from there, the list is endless.

Rethink gift giving - Over the past few years, we've been making a conscious effort to rethink the way we give gifts and the affects have been quite amazing. I especially love knowing that I'm giving something unique, homespun and made with love. Next time you give a gift, really think about what you are giving.  Rather than going out and buying just another 'something', make something or support a local maker or artisan.  Or why not give an experience or a class, a fruit tree or even your time. Not only is this a beautiful way to tread lightly, your gift will also mean so much more to its recipient.

Break up with disposables - In our current paradigm, letting go of disposables is not always easy. One day I'd love to have a totally waste free home, but for now, we are doing a little bit everyday to make a difference.  If you want to break up with disposables, my suggestion, start small, one step at a time.  Begin with plastic water bottles and coffee cups and bit by bit you can begin to eliminate many single use items from your life.

Rethink what you wear - Conscious fashion is something that I'm so passionate about and with the help amazing campaigns like Fashion Revolution, it's wonderful to see so many people starting to ask where and how their clothes are being made and under what conditions. Just think, it takes nearly 10,000 litres of water just to make a pair of jeans.  I'll be writing more next week about curating a conscious wardrobe, but for now if you want to take the next step to knowing more about what you wear, start by considering a few things before your next purchase. Why do you need it? How much wear it will get? Where will you purchase it from? Where was it made? Who made it and under what conditions?  Check out Fashion Revolution and Behind the Barcode for more information and remember that fair trade, ethically made and locally produced is always the best option.  

Start a worm farm - We've recently just created our first worm farm and are already reaping the benefits. Worm farms are a great way to recycle household waste, reduce greenhouse gases and create wonderful fertiliser for your garden. They can fit into any kind of space, it's easy to do and it's a great activity to get children involved in too. Check out worm farm on Pinterest for heaps of ideas. 

Slow down your life - Over the past few years, I've found one of the most effective ways to tread a little more lightly is to slow down. Of course this means different things to different people, but by simply taking stock of your weekly routine, identifying unnecessary stress and burden, you may be able to find ways make a little more time in your everyday.  This could mean more time to cook from scratch, plant some veggies, learn a craft, make instead of consume and take a more lingering,gentle and enjoyable approach to life.  

There's so many more ways to contribute, I've only just scratched the surface. So now I'm turning it over to you. It's always so inspiring to hear about what others are doing to make a difference, so I'd love to hear about how you tread lightly in your everyday. The more we connect and share, the more changes we can make together. For more ideas, be sure to check out 1 Million Women and Overgrow the System.  If you know any great resources, I'd love to hear about them too! 

Much Love & Light


  1. Thank you Sophie. My family and I have gradually been changing the way we do things. One thing I need to look at more though is our clothing. I have looked at the two sites you mentioned and am disappointed to see one of my favourite clothing brands on there. I don't buy a lot of clothes. I prefer to have less clothes and wear them more. I am also trying to make more of my clothes. I would appreciate links to ethical clothing that you can buy online, if you have them. I'm also looking for ethically made fabric to buy online. Thank you for this post. Take care xo

  2. This is such a beautiful reminder. I'm striving for as many of these as I can, and in starting up a new little business, I'm hoping my business can take part in being eco conscious, too. :) We're doing a thorough purge of stuff and making a huge effort to live with much less waste. Hopefully when we have more space next year we can compost! It's something I've been wanting to do for AGES.

  3. This is a lovely reminder. Thank you!


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