Friday, 13 March 2015

Tending the Earth..

Over the last twelve months, I connected with and tended the earth in such a way that my life has been forever changed.  There is a warmth in my heart, a lightness in my step and a deeper understanding in my soul.  All from a few seeds, soil, water and sunshine. And yet so much more than that.  

At first I notice the immediate physicality of gardening. The digging, weeding, planting, harvesting, is dirty, hard, humbling work.  And yet all at the same time, as the sun touches my shoulders and I breath in the wild air,  there is an energy and a life force that permeates through the whole experience, that really touches the soul.  

As we chat about what's for dinner and I wander outside with a basket, I begin to realise, just how much our lives have changed. It's not that we weren't eating well previously, it's that we lacked connection to what we bought and ate. We were 'busy' and living on autopilot.  And now to go 'grocery shopping' in my own garden, may just be one of the most liberating and rebellious things I've ever experienced.  As I stare down at the chopping board I realise that every vegetable and herb going into our meal is from our little patch of earth, I am so proud, humbled and blessed at the same time.  

So tending that patch of Earth becomes so much more than the veggies on my plate.  It is a statement and a reconnection, to the life I want to live, the way I want to feed my family. It is emotional, political and even spiritual.  It's shifting the paradigm and getting beautiful, organic, homegrown produce at the same time. And what could be better than that.

Much Love & Light


  1. What a wonderful post, I feel exactly the same way. It's a connection to the past too I think, for hundreds of years people have been doing what we do, growing their food, watching the weather, harvesting their crops. It's good to carry on being connected to the soil and the seasons. And when you have a meal that comes completely from your plot, it's such a satisfying thing. You've done well with your growing this year, you have a lovely harvest there. CJ xx

  2. Couldn't love this more Sophie. x


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