Thursday, 26 March 2015

Our Homespun Autumn Easter Display..

'Autumn teaches us the beauty of change.' 

I always love decorating our mantle piece with the changing seasons and festivities.  It's my little space to show my gratitude for the beauty and abundance that the Earth provides. This year I've been brave and decided to embrace our Southern Hemisphere Autumn Easter for the first time. 

Author Collette Leeman writes that Easter in Autumn is 'both a challenge and a gift', and the more I connect with the natural world, the more I realise the importance of celebrating the natural cycles of the year, as you experience them.  This year, it just didn't feel right to bring out the pastel hues of Spring, so instead I gathered together some of my favourite Autumn inspired, thrifted, foraged and handmade treasures and set about creating a mantle piece display to celebrate the beauty of nature and the changing seasons.

 Tallow's library provided the perfect inspiration for our display. I love decorating with her books which are always in easy reach, ready for story time. 

 Cinnamon, beeswax candles, feathers & eucalyptus leaves seem to transition so well from Christmas to Easter. And a thrifted basket sits ready and waiting for some naturally dyed eggs. I've been using some of the dried leaves from our Christmas wreath for little meditation mandalas, they are perfect for a moment of mindfulness.

A foraged nest and a pair of cheeky mice finish off our display, which also includes artworks from two of my favourite Australian creatives, Millie Fairhall & Lauren Merrick

As Tallow gets older I'm really looking forward to making displays and nature collections with her. There is something so magical about seeing the world for the first time, through the eyes of your child and creating new traditions.  

 How do you decorate and celebrate Easter? I'd love hear about your traditions.

Much Love & Light

ps. You can see our Easter display from last year here (which includes a crochet pattern for a pretty Spring daisy chain).


  1. Beautifully done, books are lovely things to decorate with. I really like the picture, and how you've found so many autumn things. I don't usually put out any Easter things, but maybe I will now, you've inspired me! CJ xx

    1. Thanks lovely CJ, so sweet of you! I didn't realise how many Autumn coloured treasures I had. Hope you enjoy decorating for Easter x

  2. It's beautiful, I love the strips of fabric and yes I think it's nice to honor what's happening in your part of the world. X

  3. Your mantle is beautiful Sophie; I love it! It's nice to change things up, I've always found it funny that we celebrate Easter over here in the same tones as the Northern Hemisphere - bunnies, flowers, eggs and brightly coloured things suit Spring perfectly, but of course Easter is in Autumn over here :-)

    Love your blog, I've been following on Instagram for some time now but this is my first visit to your blog. It's beautiful :-)

    Sarah xx

  4. I love that rag wreath. :) Sucker for those, love all the colors and textures.

  5. The mandalas drawn in leaves make me smile. I always see amazing books in your photos, would you like to make some reviews or just show some pages? The GYPSY one is looking at me right now.


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