Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Everyday Moments..

 Autumn hued fabrics for our Easter mantle piece..
Her much loved sandpit.. (we found the lovely recycled plastic sand play set here)
And first gumboots - Although a little big, worn enthusiastically at every opportunity, even with pajamas.  
A rainbow of creative possibilities..
Our green leafy nursery - Waiting for these lovelies to grow a little bit more (so they can handle the snails) before we plant them into the garden..
The Autumn sunsets nourish my soul..

Much Love & Light


  1. There's not much better than little legs in gumboots, so sweet!

  2. Every day, beautiful memorable moments!!

  3. Fantastic little wellie boots, just right for adventuring. Snails are a horror aren't they, I've put plants out before to have them completely disappear overnight. I hope yours fare better. CJ xx

  4. I like your sleeping buddha, and THOSE boots! I kept a couple of little pairs from my sons childhood, I couldn't bare to part with them! X

  5. I was going to say I bet those gumboots are Tallow's footwear of choice at every opportunity.
    Those shades of yarn are beautiful. x

  6. I remember when my girls first had their wellies......now it's not cool to wear them! ;) xxx


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