Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Everyday Moments - From the Past Seven Years..

Last Saturday, my little blog celebrated its seventh birthday.  I've written over 2000 posts in those seven years, exploring the very corners of my world. And within those words and images I've shared some incredible highs and heartbreaking lows, and all the while, taking each opportunity to revel in the everyday.  So I thought I'd take this opportunity to share some of my favourite everyday moments from the past seven years, special memories and images that I'm so grateful to have captured. 

2008 - Exploring our new town..

2008 - Made & Written.. 

2009 - The first of many collections.. 

2009 - A tiny little Olive & one of my favourite creative spaces..

2009 - Our first little home..

2010 - Moments in Autumn.. 

2010 - A place to play..

2010 - Much loved journal pages.. 

2010 - Teacups in Spring..

2011 - An Alice vignette & a vintage wall.. 

2011 - A favourite dress & a favourite corner..

2011 - Autumn & Winter.. 

2011 - A place to create & a bookish vignette..

2011 - A thrifted blouse & a thrifted dinner party..

2012 - Quiet Moments..

 2012 - Finding my tribe & a favourite festival..

 2012 - Seasons of change & lovely reads..

2012 - A soul journey..

2013 - Finding Autumn.. 

 2013 - A most enchanting day..

 2013 - Bliss..

2014 - In my element.. 

2014 - Exploring the creative process.. 

 2014 - A homespun Christmas..

2015 - Finding happiness... 

When I first thought about putting this post together, I never quite expected to be so full of emotion.  Looking back through all those posts really was a beautiful and insightful exploration into my journey, as a creative, a wife and a mother. Through each year my style evolves and priorities shift, but always at the forefront was my beloved journal, a space to create and my connection to nature and family. 

I can't express enough, my heartfelt gratitude for your love and support over these past seven years.  For me, blogging isn't a fleeting fad or something to pass the time, it truly is a part of who I am and is intrinsically connected to my creative journey.  Every comment, every email, means so much to me and I feel so blessed to be able to connect in such a poignant and personal way. I am forever grateful. 

Much Love and Light


  1. Sophie, this is all kinds of beautiful! You capture the extra in the extraordinary :) xx

  2. Seven years and over 2000 posts, wow, that's quite an achievement, you should be very proud of it. I'm quite a new follower, but I've loved every post of yours that I've read. Well done on your seven year blogaversary. CJ xx

  3. Happy bLog Anniversary!! This post is full of awesomeness, your life seems so inspiring Sophie, thanks for sharing with us <3

  4. A lovely look into your life x

  5. Congratulations Sophie! Such beautiful images. I'm enjoying reading through some of your past posts. Your blog and Instagram page inspire me so much. Thank you. xxoo

  6. I can't even remember when I first stumbled across your blog, but I'm so glad I did xx
    Happy blogaversary xxx

  7. Wow your journey has been amazing =] great pictures.


  8. This is a wonderfully honest creative and simple beautiful little space. I love visiting here xx

  9. Soph! This made me feel all the feels! Such stunning photography ... you've totally inspired me to take more snaps of the beautiful everyday moments that make up my life. Thanks!

  10. Such a journey and wonderful record of those years. So much work too! X

  11. Just gorgeous Sophie. I haven't been here from the beginning of your journey but I've really enjoyed the bits I have been here for (and the catching up!)
    Your pictures are beautiful, they capture an emotion and that isn't always easy to do lovely lady.

  12. I must have been following your blog for a few years now. In fact yours was the first blog I followed and found lots more from your links. It's always exciting to click and find you have added a new post - you always write such inspiring and thought provoking things and your pics are just beautiful. How cute is little Olive!

  13. Happy blogging birthday, Sophie - it has been wonderful experiencing your journey with you and looking forward to seeing the rest of your adventures! Much love, xx


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