Saturday, 28 February 2015

This Summer..

This Summer I connected.. With the earth and the sky.  I planted, nurtured, watched and waited.  I gained understanding, felt something ignite within me, a tangible sense of place and expansive wonder. 

This Summer I found.. A deep happiness in creative projects. 'Making' took on new purpose and meaning when creations were made in rebellion, with passion and defiance for 'the norm'.    

This Summer I discovered..  A sense of calm and reflection through the challenging Mercury Retrograde and resilience in a time when it was so easy to be overwhelmed and frustrated.  I returned daily to wise words and beautiful reminders and found solace in within the pages of my journal.  

This Summer I grew.. As a mother, a wife, a gardener and a creative.  I learnt the importance of trusting my intuition and following my heart.

This Summer.. Our family solidified our dream. To find our patch of earth, build a sustainable home, tend the land and make a difference. And although it might be slow going at times, we are now on our way to making our precious dream, a reality.

This Summer.. We holidayed right here in the backyard, ran through the sprinklers, swam in the river, picnicked in the park, collected feathers and flowers, watched clouds and stars, cuddled, crocheted, harvested and preserved.  It was our quiet, homespun Summer and one I will forever be grateful for. 

Much Love & Light


  1. It sounds like a glorious summer. Here's to a beautiful, calm, crisp autumn and winter.

  2. I feel that wonder too, so much expansion, it's incredible. Lovely post! X

  3. Such a beautiful summer reflection. Now my favourite season is officially here I can't wait for the weather to catch up!

  4. Those flowers are so lovely =]

  5. What wonderful memories you are making. Embracing the seasons and enjoying their unique gifts is so much more nurturing for body and soul. Today we are so caught up in having it all, that we forge to enjoy what we do have and celebrate the journey. I am looking forward to autumn, the added layers that it brings to the home with beautiful days and cooler nights. Thank you for sharing your thoughts x


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