Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Cloud Meditating..

The last few nights, just on sunset, I've embraced my love of cloud watching and taken ten minutes to myself to lay down in the back yard and stare up at the sky.  And you know what, I've had the most remarkable revelation.  

This simple process, a cloud meditation, has not only bought back fond memories of my childhood, but there upon the grass of my suburban garden, I've begun to truly reconnect with my place in the earth.  With the ground below, still warm from the summer sun, and the sky above, a boundless, intricate and ever evolving universal painting, I've found myself gazing up, forgetting all the 'busyness' of my everyday and being enveloped by something far greater. 

The magic that is Mother Earth.. 

That feeling you get when you dive your feet into warm sand and inhale the salty sea air. When you climb a mountain, wander through the rainforest, catch a glimpse of the full moon or listen for the early morning magpie warble (my favourite). And in the past, all too often I've let those moments pass me by, too caught up in what's on the screen, what's on the to do list.. to just put the phone down, stand up, walk outside, lay down, inhale and just be. 

Each day I feel myself drawn deeper into The Great Turning, evermore yearning for that interconnection with the fibers that makes up my life.  So I begin with cloud meditation.. Just ten minutes to stare up at the sky. Yesterday two beautiful pelicans flew over my head, the day before that, the most magnificent angel wings appeared in the clouds.  Letting go, embracing the peace, the joyful celebration and gratitude for Mother Earth.. This is where change begins. 

Tonight I might even try.. The stars.
Much Love & Light 


  1. Great posting, about cloud meditation, thank you

  2. I might do this =] thank you for this post

  3. You're grateful for the beauty on this earth. Such a lovely thing. I love cloud gazing and letting it take my thoughts away. Such a great name for it... cloud meditation!
    J xo


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