Thursday, 1 January 2015

Thirty Goals for 2015..

So here we are in 2015 and as the sun sets on the first day of the new year, I'm making my list of the goals that I can't wait to dive into this year.  This is my fourth list of 'Thirty Goals' and over the past three years my list have proved to be valuable tool in helping me to achieve both little and big goals.  I love that this year so many of my goals are aligned with our homespun philosophy and my favourites are those that really require living from the heart. This year I want to live lightly, connect deeply and be open to all possibilities.  So here are my goals for 2015 (in no particular order)..

1. Buy less, live more
2. Preserve the year in homemade jams and preserves
 3. Sew some clothes for myself and Tallow
4. Make my own pasta
5. Work to create a no waste kitchen
6. Create a home manual 
7. Celebrate friendship
8. Give homemade gifts
9. Learn a new hooping trick
11. Write more 
12.  Live a 'cottage economy' way of life
13. Make my Nan's chutney recipe
14. Have a family holiday in Byron Bay
15. Create a minimalist wardrobe
16. Ditch disposal bottles, cups and shopping bags once and for all
17. Make a simple quilt for our bed
18. Enjoy our very first passata day
19. Tread lightly
20. Learn a new nanna skill.. darning perhaps
21. Finish my raffia sun hat
22. Create an online portfolio
23. Milk a cow by hand
24. Read 'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life'
25. Begin a new project
26. Expand my yoga practice
27. Give back to the community
28. Grow sunflowers and daffodils
29. Reconnect with Mother Earth
30. Live simply & love greatly

I've got some big goals this year, some that are giving me wonderfully excited butterflies in my tummy.  It's going to be a truly amazing year for everyone I think. It feels like it's really time to stand up and be counted, to truly start doing all the things you have ever dreamed of. I hope to share more of my goals throughout the year and elaborate of a few too, both here and on Instagram and I hope you will too.  So now it's your turn.. I'd just love to hear about your goals for 2015. If you've shared them on your blog, please feel free to add your link below or use on Instagram using the hashtag #thirtygoals2015 and @sophieisobelasher. Here's to a wonderful 2015, a time to fulfill dreams, take wild adventures, nourish your soul and live deeply.

Much Love & Light



  1. I've loved reading through your list. The energy in January is fantastic, so inspiring. I'm wishing you lots of luck with your goals, and I hope your dreams all come true. Have a very happy 2015 Sophie. CJ xx

  2. Lovely list Sophie about half of them would be on my list as well. Enjoy 2015, I hope you continue to post pics of Tallow, I have loved watching her grow over the past 12 months.

  3. I was inspired by your list this time last year and wrote my own, something which I completely forgot about until now! Having just looked over it, I see that I did manage to achieve a handful of the goals I set, including finding time to write, being more mindful, and sewing a dress (I would recommend the Tilly Walnes book for an introduction to simple dressmaking!). Many other things that I wanted to try, like baking my own bread and trying new recipes, I struggled with making the time for, as it almost felt too indulgent an activity to 'waste' time on when I could be doing more productive things. The curse of a self employed person and mother of young children I suppose! This year, I will try harder.

    One goal that wasn't on my list, but has evolved in the past year, is my own contentment. Striving for happiness is a tricky business, which is something I've tried to achieve every year: to be 'happy.' But during 2014 I realised that I was content with everything the way it was, that I didn't feel the pressure anymore to seek out happiness. I'm content with my life, but still embrace those surges of happiness when something extra special happens. It's a nice feeling. So, at the top of my list for 2015, is to maintain the feeling of contentment and welcome the bonus parts with an open heart.


  4. Looks like a lovely year ahead for your family. My kids and I enjoy making pasta and I just had a little pasta making machine from Kmart for $15. You may be able to pick one up from the op shop which is more in line with your year. If you want to be inspired or get help with reducing waste and going plastic free I came across this blog last week which could be of great assistance to you. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  5. I'm definitely addicted to your Thirty Goals dear Sophie, always so inspiring... You actually inspired some of my personal goals for this new year, i'll post them on my blog later today, i'll make sure to share them on Instagram with you hashtag! Much love and happiness for you and your beautiful family for this starting year, can't wait to see more photos of little Tallow growing up, she's the cutest!

  6. Your goals are inspiring! As I'm due in two months with our first baby, my main goal will be enjoying and taking care of our new little family.
    Other than that, I want to make more and buy less, take care of myself by eating well and do yoga more!

  7. Love your list. I wrote a post this morning with mine, getting healthy is a priority and not buying anything processed so i will be giving pasta making a go too. i will also be giving lots of gifts as i am getting back into making. Would love to start writing letters. Penpals would be awesome!
    Happy 2015 to you and your sweet family xo

  8. Oh goodness. I love these goals. Especially 'buy less, live more'.

  9. As we are having our first child, I made my list all about the ABC's;) I'm striving to ATTEMPT, BLISS, CHANGE. I love your 30 thoughts, they make me feel grounded and excited just looking at them! :

  10. I really love your pretty blog! Your thirty things sound really interesting and thoughtful. I am wondering though, what is a cottage economy? Hoping your coming year is peaceful and blessed : )

  11. Wonderful goals, and incredibly inspiring. I'm adding 'write more letters' to my list now!
    Wishing you a happy new year :)

  12. At least half of these I do or want to do... Hmm now thinking about my list

  13. Thank you for hosting this lovely little link up Sophie.
    Some of my goals came to mind easily, others I really had to think about.
    It's comforting seeing many of us with so many similar goals for the year.

  14. wonderful goals for the year ahead!
    i'm not a goal-maker at all lol, but i do have one solid intention for the year, coming from my 'word' - connections.

  15. We share some similar paths this year. Wishing you every happiness in fulfilling them. (And yes I have joined the link even though I only made 20 goals for myself this year!).

  16. A gorgeous thoughtful list honey. One thing though if you take that family holiday in Byron Bay I'd love for us to pop over the boarder and say hi. Have a magical year mumma. X


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