Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Everyday Moments..

 Our new map on the kitchen wall - a perfect spot for dreaming and planning..
A little afternoon stitching..
Happy strawberries - still blossoming in the summer sun..
Our dream handmade home - Going from dreams, to early sketches, lists and plans.. 
Homegrown, homemade - my favourite..
Deliciously quiet nap time moments..

Much Love


  1. Beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  2. I love your dream catcher in the last pic. I cannot have any maps around home, i won't calm down until I find my nest destination =)

  3. I'm very keen to read your thoughts on self-building. It is something that I very much want to tackle (one day)!

  4. Ohh that map. Did you purchase it online?
    Love seeing that little snippet of your handmade home plans. We're hoping to purchase a little cottage this year and make it our own. Pinterest sure keeps giving me inspiration for little handmade and decorating ideas. x

  5. You always have the most sweetest things blooming not just in the garden but in your plans.

  6. I love that you can see Tassie on the map in the background of one of your lovely shots, Sophie! x

  7. The map is perfection on your wall! I wish we had a space for one!


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