Friday, 12 December 2014

Thirty Goals 2014 - An Update..

For the past three years I've written thirty goals on the first of January to achieve in that year. It's become such a fun tradition.  Some goals are big, some small, some really meaningful and some just for fun.  I love having a list to refer back to, to keep me on track and to tick off and as I've looked back this year I've been pleasantly surprised at the number of goals I've achieved. I noticed that on this day twelve months ago I wrapped up my goals for the 2013 and I thought I'd do the same again this year.  It's lovely to take a moment to reflect on the year that's been and journey that we've been on as a family. 

Embrace handmade holidays - After last Christmas I decided I wanted to change the way we celebrated our holidays.  I wanted to make, forage and upcycle as much as possible and really make the festive season a time of joy, sharing and caring for our beautiful mother earth. It's been such fun and will now become a regular part of festive tradition. 

Connect with the Seasons - Never before have I connected with the seasons the way I have this year.  From planting out our garden, to noticing the little details on our afternoon walks and making seasonal gratitude flower mandalas, I feel like I've been able to embrace and connect with the earth in a really special and poignant way. 

Bake a weekly loaf of bread - Ok so I haven't quite baked a loaf a week, but we've done pretty well. I've been so inspired by bread baking and I'm really looking forward to refining my skills next year and getting a bit more creative.

Grow, harvest and blend my own tea - For almost two years I'd been dreaming of my own wonderful herb garden and little by little it's finally coming together.  I adore mint and have plenty of lovely varieties to make tea.  Next year I'd love to be more adventurous and grow some more exotic herbs and play with different blends.

Continue my ethical fashion journey - This year I've been really committed to not only buying ethically, but researching, emailing and ensuring the companies I'm purchasing from are committed to ethical and sustainable practices. I've pared back my wardrobe, bought considerably less clothes, only wear what I really love and am truly passionate about supporting everyone to become more conscious about the clothes they are purchasing.

Practice yoga and meditation regularly - This year I've been really focused about fitting my yoga and meditation practice into my everyday.  Carving out that soul nourishing time has been a really important part of my first year of parenting. In those few moments on the mat, whenever I get the opportunity, I am able to find a balance and mindfulness that I can take into the rest of my day.  I also love reading inspiring books like The Power of Now and listening to beautiful music like Sacred Earth throughout my day.

Write MORE Letters - At the beginning of the year I embarked on an epic penpal adventure.  I must say it's been a little daunting and I haven't written as many letters as I would have liked, but I'm putting this one back on my goals for next year and can't wait to keep writing and connecting with beautiful people.  I just love writing letters and I've decided that even if they are a little bit slow, it's called snail mail for that wonderful reason.

Make Tallow some toys - I love dreaming up toys to make for Tallow and I have a little to make list on the go all the time.  This little bunny was part of her Easter present and this weekend I'm making a special something to add to her Christmas basket.  I think I might make it a festive tradition.

Simply our home - This was a big one on my list and I'm so happy we had the opportunity to move house, find a little cottage to call our own and really work on simplifying everything in our lives.  While we still have a way to go, I feel like we've really achieved this goal and can't wait to keep refining how we go about our simple ways.

Get a new piece of ink - Just two days ago I added to my ink collection with a very special new piece, in memory of our Little Wing.

Have a stall at the local markets - This is goal I'm so delighted to be able to tick off my list. With special thanks to my gorgeous super hero friend Sarah, I was able to set up last weekend at the Riverfront Boutique Markets for our first ever Wilde Asher stall.  We had so much fun and loved meeting so many lovely people.  It's something I'll definitely be doing more of next year.

Continue to grow our own fruit and veggies - For us this year has been all about nourishing ourselves with as much organic, homegrown produce as we could grow.  It's been an amazing journey and one that we feel so blessed to witness everyday.  Little successes, like this broccoli harvest, have reminded me that not only is growing your own food totally doable, even in a simple garden like ours, but also incredibly fulfilling.

Make Do and Mend - Part of our homespun philosophy has been making, making do and mending throughout the year.  I've loved making our own dishcloths, upcycling furniture and reinventing my thrifted clothes.  There's always more to do and I can't wait for our next make do challenge.

Organise the studio cupboard - The hardest parts of simplifying our home, for me, has always been my creative space.  I'm a bowerbird by nature, I keep things just in case and love a well stocked studio cupboard.  Bit by bit I've been letting things go, not buying unnecessary supplies and being mindful of the projects I conjure up. Although the studio doesn't always look this tidy, I'm finding a conscious approach to crafting really helping to keep things simple and it's something I'll be sharing more about in 2015.  

Live Simply and Love Greatly - My motto for the year, which has really become the motto for my life.  Throughout 2014 I've consciously worked towards a more happy, simple, soulful and present life with my beautiful family.  As I reflect on our year and on my blog posts and adventures we've had, I know in my heart I've done my best to live by my motto, and to live and love each moment with passion and gratitude.

You can see the rest of my list over here.  There's a few on there I don't think I'm going to get to tick off this year, like going surfing, but hey there's always next year.  Did you write a goals list in 2014? How did you go ticking them off?

I can't wait to write my 2015 list and hope you might join me with your own and celebrate the big and little goals in life.

Much Love


  1. I love making goal lists each year too. I'm definitely a List person. This year has not been a great year for meeting my goals, but I'm already planning for next year and looking forward to the fresh start a new year can bring.

    I've enjoyed reading your blog, and love seeing the pictures of your beautiful Tallow. I hope you enjoy the remainder of this year, and have even more success in 2015!

  2. Sophie what a lovely post and the photos to match your goals and achievements. I know you both have had a lot of heart ache over the past couple of years but to see you enjoying motherhood and your new little house and community it's just lovely. I have finally started my crochet rug after winning a crochet book a year ago and I'm thrilled to bits about doing it and enjoying it after not picking up a crochet hook since I was a teenager. Your post is such a happy fulfilling one and I'm so pleased you are enjoying all those simple things like baking bread, growing veggies and making hand made toys. I wish you and your little family a wonderful safe and happy Christmas. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  3. whata gorgeous list of goals you had! I think may join in with you this coming year. xx

  4. Beautiful post Sophie! I have a few matching goals there - really hope to get a veggie garden up and running next year. We have one small corrugated iron planter with strawberries and silver beet (that just goes on and on!), but need far more for a family of 5! Need to organise the craft cupboard - make that the garage too. I'm always looking for tools and they are spread all over the place. I'm slowly seeing things starting to change though and as my kids get older it is easier to manage everything. One day...! Cheers, Lucy

  5. I love this! I made a resolution years ago to abandon resolutions. I didn't want to join the rat race and (inevitably) make myself feel bad for abandoning a goal I couldn't maintain for an entire year. (Big life changes usually require smaller goals along the way, anyway. Saying something broad like "lose weight" doesn't change the behaviors or teach a new skill. Baby steps!)

    I'd never thought about making a list of small, medium and large goals--all attainable--to work through. Resolutions always felt like such a burden, whereas this takes a more lighthearted and kinder approach to bettering oneself. There are so many things I'd like to do, like learn an instrument or journal regularly, that get overshadowed by the large, overwhelming goals. I'm going to take a page from your book and give this a try in 2015.

  6. I truly salute you for embracing ethical fashion, homemade Christmas, growing your own veggies and fruit, eating seasonally and being kind and gentle to mother earth. You are setting a great example at what great parenting is. By instilling these noble values in your daughter, you and your husband will be raising a healthy child who will grow up to be a fine amazing lady who cares about this earth, the animals, and of course her fellow humans. Bravi, bravi, bravi.

    I wish you and your lovely family a very happy Christmas.

  7. i utterly adore all of your aspirations. they each connect to my own philosophies and loves.

    i don't really do 'goals' myself, but i guess i do have a heart-goal of having my own stall not too far down the future.

  8. This was so lovely I couldn't help but smile through it. Such pretty shots, too. I love the look of your stall at the market; would definitely stop by if I were there (and most likely pick up a few things!)


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