Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Power of Journaling..

These days my journal writing ebbs and flows.. Some days I'll write a little, some weeks I won't write at all.  I've noticed recently that my writing often synchronizes with the moon. I find myself wanting to fall deep within the pages during the new moon, when I'm full of ideas and creativity and as the moon swells and ideas come to fruition or other things take precedence, I happily put my journal aside and let life takes its course.  

It has taken me many years to find this balance, to understand the power of journaling and its ability to transform, inspire and manifest.  For a long time, I thought my journal had to be perfect and if I didn't write everyday, I wasn't being a 'good' journal keeper.  I was pressuring myself, to keep up, make it beautiful, to not leave empty pages or make mistakes. And the more I did this, the less I felt like writing.  Then my life changed forever.. and I couldn't write at all.  I didn't know where to begin or how to find the words and it was in those moments of grappling with life and rediscovering who I was that I realised I had to let go of what I thought a journal should be and instead create for myself a safe place, a creative nest to curl up into and feel at home.   

This is the power of journaling. When you allow yourself to strip back expectations and open your soul, a simple little notebook can become a true heart space, where you are free to explore and rediscover your soul's purpose.

For me, my journal is a truly sacred space.  A space that is all mine.  One that needs to be nurtured, treated kindly and taken on adventures. One that feels totally safe, a true happy place. And like creating a home, this takes time and patience, which I find is all part of the journey.  Since I've let go of those expectations to write daily, to put dates on my pages or even write in page order, I've found I'm so much more free to play and explore ideas.  I'm also happy to take time away and come back to those pages like an old friend, beginning right where I left off.  And with this freedom I  find an energetic vortex flows, allowing for creative abundance and a slipstream to the manifesting of dreams.  

Over the years journaling has become a significant part of my life and it's something I'd like to share more about in this blogging space next year.  So if there is anything in particular you'd like to know or learn more about, please feel free to leave a comment or email me.  

Much Love


  1. What a beautiful script you have. I still keep a private journal. I used to carry one with me all the time, but I found I was just dragging it around and not really writing in it like I used to, but I do always come back to the process. I have more than 20 years of them stashed together.

    1. Oh Katie, so lovely to hear from you! I love hearing about your journal, wow 20 years, that's amazing. It's hard to take one everywhere isn't it, they get so heavy! Thank you for your kind works about my handwriting, I always feel like it's so messy. :)
      Here's to many more journaling years! xxx

  2. I've always like the idea of a journal and have had some over the years but it was so haphazard. I have lots of questions! Do you have many journals for different purposes? Or do you only have one at a time? I know add magazine pictures - which magazines inspire you? Is your journal writing more about reflection or to-dos? Or both?

  3. I love journaling just as much as you... But I need to be alone and relaxed to be able to do so.. and that is very rare that I get time to myself ..
    In india we have small homes so its difficult to get your own privacy without being disturbed.

  4. I love your approach to journaling, I have a perfectionist nature and I let it take over and it hen I give up, I love how your attitude is that of an old friend that you come back to, did this journey take time to overcome?

  5. Your journalling is beautiful and inspiring Sophie
    What treasures you've created

  6. I love your blog but I especially love the posts about your journaling adventures:) It really inspires me. I also keep a journal which is just a plain notebook with no pictures or stickers etc., but I also like artjournaling in which I use many pictures and stickers:) But I love your big journals with nice pictures on the pages... are the pictures related with the topic you are writing or are they just for decoration?:)

  7. Beautiful words, I couldn't agree more. I don't think there is right or wrong way to journal, letting your heart guide you is great advice :)

  8. I, too, have harbored some rigid ideals when it comes to journaling. I thought it had to look a certain way: sitting in a chair with a cup of tea writing something profound day after day. How freeing to finally realize that a journal can look like anything and everything I want it to. It can change and evolve with my life and moods. A journal is a fluid past time, not another source of rules by which to live our lives. Photos from a magazine that caught my eye, single sentences... often in the form of an unanswered question. I love your journal! And your thoughts on the process. As often occurs, I needed to read this post. Thank you.

  9. Journals are such things of beauty, I'd love to hear more about how you create yours. And how beautiful your handwriting is.

  10. I love journaling too. Mine isn't as pretty as yours though. I tend to write in mine mostly when things are tough, a way to let out all the stuff that is hard or scary for others to hear but needs to be released. I want it to become a happier place though, somewhere to share all that is good in my life and all that I have to be grateful for. But I'm trying not to put rules around it, just trying to be more positive about life in general so hoping that journaling will help with that.
    I'd love to read more about your process and experiences of and with journaling.
    cheers Kate

  11. I must say, your journal looks like such a beautiful space to lose yourself in! Mine is simply a written journal, but I also love escaping there when I need to. I think what you've said above could also apply to blogging in a way. Funny how we put these expectations on our creative endeavours sometimes, it's silly isn't it? Creativity can't be forced, it flows in its own way and time.

  12. I love this, and wow is your handwriting beautiful I could get lost in that alone! I'd love to continue to hear about your journalling process.

  13. I definitely want to start journaling more. <3 I love this post.

  14. I love your journals they are gorgeous.
    I use to do travel journals when I was travelling around I"d collect post cards and brochures and ticket stubs and whenever we were at the hotel or backpackers in the evening I'd sit there with my glue stick and pencils and make the pages all pretty, recording the journey as I went. Because no matter how much you try you tend to forget all the little details and the places you've been and the things you've seen over time so it's so good to have them to look back at and remember :)

  15. I have always wanted to start a journal but I just never seem to be able to get started. I guess I kind of use blogging as a way of keeping one. I am a very visual person so I like the idea of adding images to a journal. xx


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