Friday, 7 November 2014

In the Moment..

Right now, life is busy, exciting and full of possibilities. Ben and I both have deadlines looming and I feel like we are playing a game of tag team as we meet each other at the front door, discuss plans for dinner and exchange hats from work to home. It's a fascinating time of transition and as I was catching up on the washing today, I enjoyed a little time in the sunshine, let my shoulders drop and took a precious moment to embrace the day. 

And in that moment I got thinking about time, the fact that it's November, we've been back in Mildura for nine months, my daughter is no longer a baby, she's a little girl, she's walking, talking, passionate, funny, obsessed with the cat and a gorgeous, cheeky delight. And as I pack away the toys and wash another load of clothes, the days just keep on rolling by. Christmas will soon be here, another year over and whole new one on the horizon.  There's nothing like being a parent to remind you how precious and fleeting the days are and how important it is to be in the moment. 

I used to find myself caught up in the past, over thinking events and memories, wishing I'd done things a different way.  And if I wasn't dwelling there, I was frantically writing future to do lists, worrying endlessly about tiny details, anxious about things I had no control over.  And while that anxiety still gets to me a little some days, I'm really working on being present, finding that space to just embrace the day, no lists, no plans, just allowing the flow of the now to carry me for one place to the next, totally in the moment.   

"Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of travelling" - Margaret Lee Runbeck

Wishing you a most magical weekend!
Much Love

PS. My happy confetti filled mail, is one of Kate's gorgeous prints. Such a sweet and super clever lunch lady! There's nothing like a big handful of confetti to remind you to live in the moment.  


  1. Life is busy here too. A big move is on the cards and at times it gets a bit overwhelming.
    I have to remind myself to just do a little each day, chip away at those big tasks until they are not so big anymore.
    The print from Kate is stunning. I'll have to wait by the mail box for mine. x

  2. Have a lovely weekend Sophie...thank you for your wise words x

  3. I love the quote. Anxiety is something I struggle with a lot, although if I look back, I can see that most of the things I didn't need to have worried about. Wishing you a good weekend. CJ xx

  4. love this post! It's exactly where i am right now too,,,in fact, the other day I wrote a blog post all about how my "to do" lists have been holding me back, and why I've recently thrown them away! Your right, it's so easy to get drawn back in to the past or swept up into the future and to feel anxious about these things that aren't even in our present...I so often fail to live in and just simply be in the moment. I'm getting there though. thanks for your beautiful blog, it's a constant source of inspiration for me! Mezz xo


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