Thursday, 13 November 2014

Back to Basics - Conscious Living.. (An Update)

Over the past two years I've learnt so much about getting back to basics and living more simply and yet, in some ways I feel like we've barely scratched the surface.  The first thing I realised was that living simply is not always simple, it takes time, accountability and a complete shift in thinking. The rewards for making the changes are incredible and inspire me everyday, to learn more, read more and connect with like minded souls walking this beautiful path.  We began this journey two years ago, when we packed up our little old cottage and set off in our caravan headed for a new way of life. You can read my first back to basics post here, when we'd just planted our first little garden and were starting baby steps to living a more fulfilling way of life.  Looking back now I'm so glad I've documented our process and I feel we've come such a long way.  But each day is a new one and there's so much more to learn and explore and that's what is most exciting of all.  Here are a few of the ways we've been working on to live a more conscious life.   

Conscious Food
Food is an area of our lives we've made really big changes in. These days wherever possible we shop local, buy organic and of course grow our own food.  We are really working on using everything we have, buying less and loving making as much from scratch as possible and learning new skills all the time. Most of all we are full of gratitude for every meal and the beautiful harvest we are our garden provides us.  

Conscious Fashion
Fashion was the first area I began  making changes in two years ago and these days I'm passionately committed to my ethical fashion journey and only purchase ethically made and thrifted clothing for myself. I love to know who has made my clothes and supporting fellow makers is such an important part of this path.  Over the next year I hope to slowly make the switch for the whole family too and can't wait to make more of Tallow's clothes myself.   
Conscious Home 
Every day we learn new ways to better our living environment and what works for us.  From recycling, thrifting and upcycling to composting and changing from plastics to glass, bamboo and stainless steel, the list seems almost endless.  Mindfulness plays a really important role in our daily lives and finding a balance in the everyday maintenance of keeping a simple and happy home.    

Conscious Cleaning
Becoming conscious about the products we were using in our home become really important when I was pregnant with Tallow. I'm so excited that we are making our own washing liquid, dish washing liquid and all purpose cleaner using natural ingredients and essential oils.  Using simple tools, made with love from sustainable materials also makes daily chores that little bit more special. 

Conscious Living
Each day we make conscious decisions to ask questions, consume less and we enjoy what we have.  We make do and mend, take pleasure in simple adventures and prioritise time together as a family. Although we do have a television, we rarely watch commercial stations and limit our consumption of daily advertising. We love to immerse ourselves in improving our skills, learning new things, reading widely and engaging in conscious conversations.  
Each of these changes, some easy and some far more complicated weave together to form a beautiful tapestry and a richness to the everyday that I've never before experienced.  Our goal two years ago was to rebuild an intentional life, one that truly nourished our souls.  While we are far from achieving all that we want to, the journey really is the dream and each day we grow a little closer, learn a little more and tread that little bit lighter on the earth that nourishes and supports us. 
I know many of you are on similar journeys to our little family and I'd love to hear about what you're doing and what's working for you.
Much Love


  1. I am so excited to start my conscious living journey! My partner and I are moving back to our hometown in the mountains of Victoria and purchasing a farm with the aim of being self sufficient. Its a long way off but honestly, the "getting there" is the most exciting part for me!

  2. Such a beautiful post Sophie....while I am on the same journey now, I wish I had lived this life many years ago when I was raising my children...Tallow is a very lucky little girl.

  3. I love everything about this Sophie! You inspire me so much, especially with your conscious fashion. While my little family is doing pretty well with eating, cleaning and living more consciously, we have a way to go with our clothing. Though I buy much, much less than I once did (which is half the battle really, consuming less) there is room for improvement yet. Thank you for sharing your journey! It's lovely to have someone to share this experience with. xoxo

  4. In our own little way, we've also been following a similar path, so it's always really encouraging to read how other people are getting on (and also get some new ideas - like making homemade washing-up liquid!)

    Something we're involved in at the moment is setting up a community food cooperative - grouping together like-minded households so we can collectively buy locally sourced and organic produce at cost price. It's proving to be a fantastic project so far - if a lot of work sometimes!

  5. For us the changes will probably be in progress or juggling the balance.
    But moving back here has helped make a really good start. Living in an old small home and renovating instead of building a new place from scratch. Unfortunately the trade off for that is not having the time to grow as much of our food as possible.
    Following the no screen time until 2 recommendation for Eve made it easy to break free of watching much tv at all.
    Only having one car makes walking normal again and in this town it's not too challenging.
    And of course all the beautiful local produce real helps with sourcing and enjoying eating locally.
    I love hearing what you're doing it encourages me to keep taking more steps to the life I want.

  6. It's lovely to have an update, Sophie. Well done to you guys for making some really amazing changes. I've always tried to make conscious choices about the things we consume, eat and do. I'm a long way from being 'eco-friendly', but I think we are getting there in a way that we are comfortable with, so that works for us. x

    1. Awww thank you so much for stopping by Bron! So lovely to see you! You're gorgeous heartfelt way of life is so inspiring and I just love seeing you share the love around (that's a alot of loves). And you're so right, the journey is so personal, it's all about finding a path that works for you. Much love xxx


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