Thursday, 30 October 2014

Travelling Light..

On my path to simple, conscious living I found myself wanting to lighten the load I was carrying in all areas of my life. From the linen cupboard and wardrobe to the craft room and my handbag, slowly I've been make conscious decisions about the things that travel with us from place to place. 

Three moves in two years has taught me a whole lot. It's taught me resilience, that I am not my belongings and it's taught me that home is not about the stuff that fills a space, but the love, the people, the intention and energy under that roof, wherever it is. Once I thought you needed lots of nice 'things' to make a home feel loved.  Now I'm learning that with just a little creativity, the essentials, plants, animals and loved ones, any place can be home for us.  So when the day comes for us to move on from the space, I know I can leave with a happy, peaceful heart, without the burden of packing up a bunch of things we don't really need.

This same philosophy has begun to transcend into to other parts of my life too. Now I find myself happiest when I travel as light as I can. You see once I carried bags full of stuff. Truly, you can even see them in old blog posts.  I'm not even sure why I felt the need to fill my bag up, it was as if I was trying to prove something to myself, perhaps how busy I was, or felt I needed to be.  I look back now and have to  giggle, I just feel so silly.

Handbags really are fascinating though, they say a lot about a person's life.  After we lost Cohen, I didn't leave the house for months, so the handbag I was using up until that day, just sat on my desk, like a time capsule of a previous life. Once we had moved and I was getting back into every day life, I just couldn't bring myself to even open that handbag and to be honest, still haven't really been through it.  I decided the day we moved to Queensland, I decided I just had to start over. To travel light, without all the extra baggage I had weighing me down, physically and mentally. 

So these days, I always carry a small bag, with the bare essentials.  Even the nappy bag is as minimal as possible and you know what, it just makes me feel so much lighter.  Not only am I not dragging around half the house, I know where things are, I have what we need and if it's not in there, then we do without.  It might sound simple, but I'm just beginning to realise, how much of an impact it's having on my every day.  Without that burden and excess on my shoulders, I'm finding myself more calm, more free and most importantly, more happy. 

I look forward to applying this minimal philosophy when packing for our first holiday as a family over Christmas. I'll let you know how it goes!

What's your handbag philosophy? Do you find yourself wanting to travel light? 
I'd love to hear your family travel tips too.  What's essential? What can I leave at home?

Much Love


  1. I'm terrible for carrying a huge bag, I really wish I didn't though. And I'm quite addicted to bags, like some people are to shoes. I think it's the infinite possibilities they provide for going off on adventures. CJ xx

  2. Hi Sophie - Funny, but I didn't notice what I carried in my bag until reading your post. I used to carry everything around with me in my purse, but I no longer do that. Though I have a few lovely leather bags, I now carry a cloth tote with minimal contents - a tiny purse for money and credit cards, tissues, sunglasses and that's it! I have room in the tote for things I pick up while shopping. I guess when I decided to simplify my life a few years back, I simplified my purse too. I love the purse in the photo above.

  3. My bag is ridiculously heavy and I think that does translate into other aspects of life...

  4. Yup I don't carry that much around these days! Its hard enough keeping up with my 3 little ones while shopping so I need to be able to access my purse/phone when needed. Im simplified all the way!

    1. Yes, that's so true! Nothing like having your hands full and needing to find your purse or keys quickly to make you realise a bag full of stuff just makes an outing more stressful. Here's to simplicity! x


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