Thursday, 16 October 2014

These Days - Everyday Gratitude..

These days, I am full of gratitude for our bountiful daily harvests.

These days, wild and windy afternoons call of a match of homemade spiced apple muffins.

These days, these two besties love nothing more than hanging out together. 

These days, the riverbank makes the perfect studio, especially as the gorgeous old paddle steamer passes by.

These days, as we wander past this sweet little garden, I'm reminded of Alice in Wonderland. 

These days, I'm becoming part of our Spring garden.. and I couldn't be happier!

Much Love


  1. Thanks for sharing your heart.
    I have been inspired to share my journey with Huntingtons Disease. I would be honored if you would follow.

  2. Ooh, now I want apple muffins :)

  3. These days, I'm loving your blog more and more. x

  4. Wonderful pics, loved especially Tallow with her lil fellow, how adorable! And seems you are doing great with your garden, hopefully one day I become sustainable as you =)


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