Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Snippets of Happy..

It's always a funny feeling coming back to blogging after a little bit of time away.  So much happens in between, sometimes its tricky to dive back in, where you left off.  I have so many posts I'd like to share, an epic amount of photos to sort through and ideas to navigate, but right now, I'm adjusting to life with a one year old who has decided that afternoon naps are over rated, the kitchen cupboards are super interesting and that walking is the cool thing to do. So while we find sweet new rhythms to our days, I thought I'd borrow a post idea from the gorgeous Kate and share a few snippets of happy from around here.  

So here's what I've been up to lately..

Admiring: Lovely jars of snapdragons from the garden and the gorgeous new art prints my sister has created for our shop, Wilde Asher

 Crafting: Rainbow party decorations with my very favourite ladies. Giant pom poms really are a most lovely way to fill a room with happiness. 

Making: All natural makeup removers and dish washing liquid.   Both have been on my to make list for so long and after finally getting my hands on some lovely castile soap, I spent Saturday morning experimenting with these lovely recipes.  

 Harvesting: Broad beans.. We have a lovely little bumper crop and have been finding all kinds of creative ways to use them!

Gathering: Lavender from around the neighbourhood.  How can I resist when there are so many beautiful sprigs just waiting to be enjoyed.  

 Baking: Wholemeal spelt bread.. It's been weeks between loaves and I'm so glad to be baking again.  There's something almost magical about pulling a loaf of bread from the oven.  I've also been loving my go to banana bread recipe with coconut and chia seeds.  

Decorating: Our mantelpiece with crochet and a rainbow of gorgeous first birthday cards & gifts.    

Loving: Spending time with family.. Especially delightful moments like these. hooping in the garden with my sister. 

What's been happening in your world?
Can you believe it's October?

Much Love


  1. Such a lovely inspiring post! That bread looks amazing! What recipe do you use?

  2. Gorgeous post! I can't wait for those tender baby moments you speak of, our first babe is due this January and we are delighted. I also adore that mantel, so beautifully done with the crochet.

  3. Lovely little bits from your recent days :) Every time I see broad beans, I wish we had them in the US. They are a rare commodity. Also, that lavender is gorgeous... makes me wish it was spring all over again instead of fall!


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