Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Living with Less..

It's been two years this month since we packed up our old life, from the first home we owned, put everything into storage and took off in our little caravan in search of new beginnings. I vividly remember packing those boxes, filled with grief, with burden and frustration. How did I let my possessions overwhelm me? How did I lose my way and forget what was really important. The weight of our stuff was stifling and as we scrabbled to throw the last boxes onto the truck, I remember thinking I'd be happy never to see any of it again. 

Two years and three moves later, life is lighter, easier and so much happier. It's taken a complete paradigm shift and a conscious decision to do things differently and bit by bit we've begun to change the way we see our possessions. 

Getting started was fun and so liberating, but as we got done past the paper back novels and extra (and by that I mean way too much) crockery, things started to get tricky. Nostalgia begins to kick in, family heirlooms are not so easy to let go of and my sentimental nature sometimes get the better of me. Day by day though, I'm learning, that moments are collected and kept precious in the soul, not in useless day to day objects. 

Sticking to our living with less mantra has been a fascinating and at times challenging experience. The whole process is raising big ideas, posing important ethical and environmental questions and teaching me so many big lessons, most poignantly, that I am 'not the sum of my possessions', as Erin so beautifully put it in her recent blog post.

So week by week we try to tread a bit more lightly, choose a bit more carefully and most importantly make the decision to say no to more stuff. The dining chairs can be mended, the vacuum cleaner really is ok and although a new yoga mat would be lovely, the one I have is perfectly imperfect.

We are by no means total minimalists and I'm not sure we ever will be. We still have boxes in the garage that need sorting and wardrobes that are ready for another clean out, but we are getting there and it's that weekly process that continues to inspire our new lighter way of living. 

Much Love

PS. There are plenty of wonderful resources to create a happy, minimalist life.  One I've found really inspiring is The Minimalists.  They post great daily links on Facebook and have so much useful information on their website.  I'd love to hear about any resources you've found inspiring too.  


  1. I'm the same way--I have a hard time getting rid of things not because I think I need them, but because I form a sentimental attachment to them.

  2. Hi Sophie, I feel like I have reached a similar place! I have been through the kitchen, the books and my wardrobe and I have a huge allowance thing going on around my craft things of course, now I am facing the sentimental things and a huge pile of photos and albums which I have no idea where to begin. Also I spent some time watching the minimalists on tedx the other day so I am feeling inspired but still cluttered. Good luck x

  3. Courtney Carver's blog 'Be more with less' makes interesting reading on the subject of minimalism.

  4. Absolutely wonderful post! I'm rather obsessed with Joshua Becker at the moment too, his words are spot on and really inspire our new minimal family life x

  5. Great post Sophie. As a family we are always attempting to minimize 'stuff' but we have boxes of very old things inherited and passed on from previous generations. Jewellery, old toys and games, trophies, kitchen ware, books...the list goes on. Too precious to get rid of but goodness it takes up a lot of room both physically and in my mind! Any tips on heirlooms!? x

  6. This SO resonates - we've just moved house and I just want. less. stuff. It feels so good to get rid of it but you're spot on - it's the sentimentality that's the killer (and I can get sentimental about the weirdest things.) It's also tricky because I love love love op shopping. But it's about buying less even then, and reminding myself that just because it's a bargain doesn't mean it should come and live in my house. And also reminding myself that not every crocheted granny blanket in the entire world should belong to me. We live in Brisbane. We don't even need blankets. Anyway lovely post, thanks! Off to have a gander at the Minimlaists now. Helen (whatlarkspip) xx

  7. There's nothing better than starting fresh and getting rid off unnecessary things. Love your blog and your post and of course your beautiful family :)

    Cathy Vargas
    Vintage Girls

  8. This is beautiful! We'll be moving into our new house (!!) in two months, and "getting rid of stuff" is our daily thing at the moment. I want to open the cupboards and find that each and every object has its designated daily use. Funny how STUFF can become obstacles to living a simpler life :) Thanks for sharing, Sophie!

  9. A blog post I needed to read xx

  10. I recently went through my closets and donated a bunch of clothing and it felt really uplifting to get rid of so much stuff that was just cluttering up the apartment!

  11. Good for... I admire your convictions. My parents have bit by bit been getting rid of "stuff" . My grandpa died on a Sunday on the way to his funeral, gramma had a sroke and died the next day. Dealing with all they had was very stressful. They had 2 homes full of things. My folks don't want that for my brother and myself.


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