Monday, 8 September 2014

These Days - Early Spring..

These days the earth is laughing in flowers.  Spring has arrived, with it's longer days and floral splendour.  As we wander, I keep a note of the prettiest streets and return often to see the gardens come to life. 

In quiet moments I've been dreaming up new ideas and working on a few things, including a special mandala for an upcoming Instagram giveaway. 

Saturday mornings are my favourite, as we unload and enjoy our farmers market delights.  The first seasons strawberries and asparagus are a welcome treat and a reminder of the wonders to come.   

The past month I've been working on a new seasonal series for Mildura Living Magazine, called The Simple Things.  I'm so delighted to see everything come together in print and it's been an amazing experience to work with the wonderful team. Now to begin planning for the Summer edition.. 

We spend our free moments playing in the garden, checking the veggies, enjoying the sunshine, pulling weeds and dreaming of our some day property and all the adventures we will have.  

 These days are all about planning, preparing and planting.  It's our first summer crop and I'm hoping that in our little patch we'll be able to grow enough produce to feed us for the coming seasons.  We're trying new things, experimenting with beautiful heirloom seeds and rediscovering ancient traditions of growing.  It's an exciting time of year!

What are you up to these days? Have a most beautiful week!
Much Love


  1. Hi Sophie, such a lovely post! I love Mildura Living magazine, in fact I spotted your name in the previous issue but couldn't find where you had contributed. 'Your' market is the best... I wish I could make it more regularly. Don't you just love the Diggers Club? I am tending trays of heirloom seedlings right now. I am very curious about the Mexican sour cucumber, it's tiny sprout has just emerged! Happy spring x

  2. Hey Sophie! I love how your posts are always so thoughtful and reflective. They definitely warm the soul and bring a smile to my face :) Love ya work <3 Bec @

  3. I love to follow your growing sustainable life =) Summer is great to grow different and many veggies and fruits, cant wait to take a peek at your garden. Oh thooose strawberries, they are huge! And look really yummie ♥ much love x x

  4. How delightful - spring flowers!

    Your first sentence really made my heart sour when I read it this morning, merci!

  5. Such beautiful words as always. xx

  6. I love this post so, so much. I wish I could grab a magazine!

    We're enjoying the coming of Autumn. Rainy, blustery weather; our garden producing our foods, picking a pumpkin and some gourds; biking, enjoying a little scotch, a little Absinthe, a little Pumpkin Ale. So much. ♥ The best is cuddling in our new bed, it's so pretty with the fairy lights on our headboard. Jen's birthday is on the 10th and our 7 year wedding anniversary is on the 13th!


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