Sunday, 31 August 2014

Emerging from the Haze..

We are slowly beginning to unfurl from the week that's been, gently returning to our everyday pace.  Opening windows and breathing the glorious sunshine and fresh air in, replenishing stocks of lemons and honey and attempting to remove stubborn turmeric stains from the kitchen benches.  The cupboards are bare, the washing line is full and the oil diffuser is pumping a the lovely fresh scent of lemon oil throughout the house.

We took a slow wander around the neighbourhood this afternoon, taking in all the details, watching the world pass by.  In just a few short days, our landscape looks so different. The branches no longer bare, the gardens no longer hibernating.  Spring has arrived.  And just like that, as if emerging from the very same haze that I am, petals are unfurling, bees and butterflies are busily attending to business and around each corner there is a new burst of invigorating colour.

I am so grateful for a brand new week, for good health and sunshine, for happy smiles and afternoon walks, for freshly washed sheets and homemade chicken soup. And I am grateful to have emerged from the haze of this last week of winter, into a most glorious Spring.

Much Love


  1. Beautiful words, Spring is a welcome change!

  2. I LOVE that feeling of spring! That feeling when you open the windows, and can keep them open throughout the afternoon :) It's funny how opposite season collide – spring in the south and autumn in the north – Mother Earth is truly vast. Around here it's all about stocking up on candles, tea, making & freezing tomato sauce, and gathering everything wool for the coming season :)

  3. it so feels like that - I think this is a common experience at this time of year, and perhaps it happens to remind us of how wonderful the seasonal change is! Lovely words x

  4. I love SpringTime! You can feel the change of seasons in the air! The slightly warm soft breeze, flowers, bees buzzing, birds chirping a little bit more....the garden seems to wake up and smile!
    May Spring be wonderful at your house!

  5. Oh happy first day of spring lovely lady! It is wonderful to fill your lungs with that milder, warmer air and shake of winter both mentally and physically! wishing you all a week of sunny days and delicious cups of tea! xx

  6. The last few weeks have been so cold, but this week has definitely felt like spring. There are blossoms everywhere, I saw a few bees and I had to get out some of my short sleeved tops.

  7. I miss spring, and autumn, but then again, island life is precious too;) Our days are the same here throughout, with the slight hope that there are always tradewinds to keep us cool.


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